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20 Christmas tree toppers that will pine for everyone's attention

Spruce up your home with these festive and affordable tree toppers.
A Little boy putting up a Christmas Tree topper
Kara Birnbaum / TODAY

Every masterpiece deserves that finishing touch, cherry-on-top moment. For a Christmas tree, that pièce de résistance is the tree topper. It's the focal point and final step during any tree trimming party or casual decorating day.

While stars and angels are still the most popular Christmas tree toppers, there are plenty of centerpieces that are seeing a steady uptick in search interest well ahead of the holidays, according to Google Trends. We're talking coastal-inspired styles, quirky options touching on significant pop culture moments and much, much more.

Fortunately, the Shop TODAY team managed to find several one-of-a-kind tree toppers for every type of home and interest: ornate, cozy, traditional, funny and everything else in between. We fern-ly believe these are some of the best toppers on the market right now based on reviews, price points and eye-catching designs.

Unique Christmas tree toppers

Holiday Lane Christmas Cheer Candy Cane Star Tree Topper

Give your tree a fresh look, courtesy of this peppermint-striped tree topper from Macy's. Candy canes and circular mints intertwine to concoct the perfect star — and what could be sweeter than that?

Wondershop Twinkling Starburst Spikes Tree Topper

Embellished with 70 twinkle lights and a sophisticated champagne finish, this "stunning" tree topper "puts the bling on the Christmas tree top," according to several Target shoppers who rated this option five stars.

The Letter Loft UK Personalised Family Name Wire Tree Topper

Add a personalized touch to the Christmas tree with a custom-made tree topper from Etsy. Described as "beautiful" and "unique" by several shoppers who gave glowing five-star ratings, each one is bent and welded to whatever family name you'd like using stainless steel wire.

Kirkland's Stag Head Rattan Tree Topper

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, but make it rustic. Each rattan tree topper is adorned with woodsy pines, bright boughs of holly and other delicate details that'll easily complement practically any Christmas tree. A few shoppers even mentioned decorating their entertainment centers and front porches with these intricate stag heads.

Beach and Beyond by Shan Starfish Tree Topper

Perfect for anyone aspiring to be a coastal grandmother, this nautical-inspired tree topper was hand-crafted with real starfish in four different sizes. P.S. The Etsy seller notes that this topper is naturally fragile, so handle with plenty of care during the holiday season!

Wondershop Knit Star Tree Topper

This knit star tree topper is a classic, simple and inexpensive option for your tree this year. Its off-white color is sure to match any living room decor and the knit texture brings in a cozy element for winter.

Luck Sea Snowman Hugger Tree Topper

With his hands wrapped around the top of your tree like a warm hug, this snowman topper is as cute as it is fun. It's also adored by Amazon shoppers — it has nearly 3,000 five-star ratings.

Kurt Adler Rattan Natural Star Treetop

If you're going for a cabin-in-the-woods look, this rustic rattan topper is for you. It has 3,000+ five-star ratings on Amazon with a lot of shoppers noting how that the cord is long (which is great for tall trees) and how bright the light is.

West Elm Glitter Starburst Tree Topper

For the modern or contemporary household, this shimmery, bursting tree topper makes the perfect accent piece. Its unique design makes it equally as memorizing to look at no matter what angle.

Funny Christmas tree toppers

Cody Foster Disco Tree Topper

Ideal for the person who fondly remembers bellbottoms and Studio 54, this retro-inspired tree topper will instantly throw them straight back to the '70s.

ShopEDS Great White Shark Christmas Tree Topper

And you thought you were safe outside the water...! This Great White Shark is ready for the holidays (rocking a cute little Santa hat) and heading straight for your Christmas tree. Luckily for you, it's only looking to nibble the top of your Christmas tree.

Whisker Whimsey Gifts Labrador Christmas Tree Topper

The furriest member of your family has a special place in your heart, so why not give them a special place on your Christmas tree, too? This Etsy's Pick tree topper is crafted with merino wool blend felt and comes in three Labrador colors: black, yellow and brown.

"Harry Potter" Golden Snitch Tree Topper

Whether they've read the "Harry Potter" series several times over or just enjoy watching games of Quidditch on YouTube, this tree topper will surely delight every kind of Muggle. Best of all, they won't have to worry about this Golden Snitch flying away!

D-FantiX Gnome Christmas Tree Topper

Go big or go gnome. This adorable 25-inch gnome tree topper is sure to bring some spunk into your home this year. Over 2,000 Amazon shoppers love it, too, rating it a near-perfect five stars.

HMASYO Christmas Tree Topper Hat

Bring some extra silly, festive fun into your home with this tree topper hat. Featuring elf legs peeking out of the top, tons of sequins and beautiful green and red bow, this topper will definitely turn heads.

Tree Buddees King Kong Climbing The Tree Topper

At 10 inches tall, this (thankfully) smaller version of King Kong hangs from the top of your tree holding a star in his hand. Etsy reviewers love it, too, with one person noting, "This tree topper is hilarious — it came well-packaged, shipped fast and it's an amazing addition to my tree!"

TheCraftheadsStore Grinch Topper Set

The Grinch is up to his old tricks, but this time, he's in your house! With his green head popping out of the top and an extended arm holding an ornament, this tree topper will entertain everyone that walks into your home.

Angel Christmas tree toppers

Wondershop Woven Angel Tree Topper

For the minimalist decorator, this Target angel tree topper — made with woven rattan and golden wired wings and halo — will still make a lovely statement during the holidays.

Kurt Adler Lighted Angel Christmas Tree Topper

If you're looking for a classic angel tree topper, this is by far one of the best picks out there. You'll want to grab this topper while it's 50% off, but you can save even more with the code BESTHOME — bringing the price down to just under $42.

Light Up Birch Angel Tree Topper

This tree topper is the ultimate showstopper. Delicately dancing on the top of your fern, this LED light-up angel is made from birch and can be connected directly to your tree lights.