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I got this wearable blanket in 2019 — 3 years later, it's still a top winter staple

I’m so thankful I had this lounging essential when temperatures fell into the teens.

It seems like tons of new products are hitting the market every day — but the ones that stand out to me are either innovative, unique or affordable. Rarely do I find one that fits into all three categories, but this bestselling wearable blanket checks all of the boxes.

The My Comfy Original is one of the first things I reach for when I’m looking for a good loungewear item. The oversized sweatshirt is extremely soft and doubles as a blanket, which is ideal for when I want to stay warm while relaxing on the couch, working at my desk or cooking in the kitchen.

It's basically like wearing a blanket that you don't have to continuously pull on or throw off. It keeps me toasty while I'm sitting down, but if I need to get up to refill my coffee or grab lunch, I can easily walk around with it on.

The Comfy Original Oversized Wearable Sherpa Blanket

The Comfy is the perfect gift for the holidays

When I first discovered The Comfy on an episode of "Shark Tank," the quirky product seemed odd: a combination of a Sherpa-lined blanket and a large hoodie. But the inventors were determined to convince the investors that their product was the one that would change the game of lounging for good.

Spoiler alert: The brand founders walked away with a deal that would bring their prototype to the market for the public to buy.

Thanks to this show, The Comfy ended up on my wish list for the holiday season back in 2019. And on Christmas morning that year, I opened one to call my own. And it's still a winter staple in my household.

It is comfortable, warm and reversible!

This giant blanket-hoodie hybrid is made from a microfiber fleece outer later and a plush Sherpa layer on the inside. When I was first gifted my Comfy, I was living in Colorado where we were battling a rollercoaster of temperatures that dipped down into the teens, so having this product certainly came in handy.

Megan Foster / TODAY

While The Comfy comes with a large hood and sleeves, it quickly shifts into a soft blanket when you sit down. The high-low design and spacious opening on the bottom allows me to tuck my knees under it to ensure that literally nothing — feet and all — is exposed to the chilly air.

I also love the fact that it’s reversible. If I’m looking to curl up for a movie night, I flip the Sherpa lining inside to stay warm and comfortable. If I’m working, I enjoy flipping the fleece inside because it helps me stay cooler throughout the day

Every so often, I get a little too relaxed and spill coffee or my midday snack onto the front of the Comfy. Luckily, with a quick toss in the washing machine and a spin in the dryer on low, it comes out looking brand new.

I love the My Comfy so much, I even bought myself another one to grow my collection to two. With several color and pattern options, ranging from violet to plaid to Mickey and Minnie Mouse, there's no telling how large my collection will grow.