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Crescent bags are the Y2K addition your closet needs — 13 options starting at $12

"I have too many bags," said no one ever.
Everlane's The ReNew Transit Bag , Black bag and a blue scoop bag
Kara Birnbaum / TODAY / Everlane / Walmart

Whether you're a fan of large tote bags that can hold a weekend's worth of items or a wristlet that can hold cash, cards and your ID, it's no secret that purses will always have a spot in our hearts. And right now, there's a trending style and shape in town that so happens to be quite reminiscent of a favored dinner roll.

Yes, we're talking about crescent-shaped purses. (Eat your heart out, baguette bags!) Thanks to the rejuvenation of Y2K styles in recent years including cargo pants, chunky sneakers and silky slip dresses, crescent bags have also proven their popularity this summer. Similar to the '90s wave of styles sticking around, these bags aren't going anywhere anytime soon.

From brands like Baggu to Amazon, Target and DSW, these stylish accessories range in size, texture and overall aesthetic. This means that there's options for a night out, day trips or even days when you just need the bare necessities. Plus, our finds are all budget-friendly!

Crescent bags and purses to shop

Scoop Women's Crescent Crossbody Bag

Turn to this Walmart crescent bag for a night out on the town, post-work happy hours or when you just want to make a statement with your accessories. With an attachable strap that can clasp onto the purse, you can wear it as a crossbody or detach the strap to clutch as a handbag. Large enough to hold just the necessities, this purse is available in four colors, from black to quartz pink.

Your Cozy Women's Shoulder Sling Bag

Available in 23 various colors and patterns, you'll have no difficulty finding an option that matches even the spunkiest styes in your wardrobe. Adjust the strap to wear this hippie-style cotton sling as a crossbody to throw over your shoulder or grasp it and utilize it as a classic handbag. Reviewers also recommend this bag thanks to its laidback style and roomy interior.

Uniqlo Round Mini Shoulder Bag

Wear this Uniqlo shoulder bag as a crossbody or on your arm thanks to its 45" adjustable strap. With six different colors to choose from including red, cream and black, you're sure to find one that matches your wardrobe. A deep main pocket allows you to keep essentials such as keys, wallet and your phone at hand, along with a couple of extras you might need. Plus, the nylon fabric means that you can wipe it free from germs or a long day with a quick swipe.

"I put all my essentials and still has a space inside," one reviewer said, adding, "It’s very lightweight and it can fold small, so you can easily pack it when go to travel or something!"

DSW Crown Vintage Leather Hobo Bag

A slimmer, more chic take on the crescent bag, reviewers love this DSW pick for its soft leather material. With four pockets, there's room for the necessary items and other small necessities like lip gloss or sunglasses. Reviewers describe this bag as "durable," "stylish" and "well-made."

Universal Thread Shoulder Handbag

Available in three easy-to-match colors, this Target crescent bag has both interior and exterior pockets, so you can fit everything you will need for the day. A flat bottom makes it easy to place on flat surfaces, plus an adjustable shoulder strap makes it easy to modify the bag to make it as comfortable as possible. "The bag is a perfect size for everyday items as well as a water bottle, kid items, whatever you need to carry," one reviewer said.

Everlane's The ReNew Transit Bag

Put the statement "your go-to on-the-go bag" to the test with Everlane's Transit bag. With three main products and a divider to separate contents in the main compartment, rest assured that all of your necessities will be within reach, situated on your waist or across your body. One reviewer "needed something that can be out of the way, hold all the essentials but also easily accessible. This fit the bill."

Baggu Medium Nylon Crescent Bag

With a 37.5" strap, this Baggu bag can also be worn multiple ways and holds more than your everyday essentials. Multiple reviewers note that this is a "go-to travel bag," especially for day trips or those that require less than a backpack. "The chartreuse color is to die for, the perfect pop of color for your outfit," said one reviewer, adding "I'm considering getting the lavender color as well because these bags are spacious, comfortable, and super cute!"

Charles & Keith Mini Crescent Hobo Bag

A stylish mini purse with two attachable straps — one leather to match the bag and the other a gold chain accent — this crescent purse from Charles & Keith has just enough room for the basics.

Anthropologie Luna Slouchy Crossbody Bag

Available in black or brown faux leather, this crescent bag also features a textured pattern strap, elevating its look. The bag also comes with a thinner faux leather strap to match the texture of the bag. The curvature of this bag complements every body type, and reviewers love that it "doesn't look big at all." Another reviewer said "I also love that the bag itself has a very minimal look. The patterned strap is very cool and gives the bag a little flair."

Urban Originals Crescent Crossbody Handbag

A larger-sized option, this crescent crossbody has four additional pockets on top of the main one, meaning you can carry a little bit more than the essentials. With a guitar-strap like handle, ensure that your shoulder remains comfortable while you go about your day.

JW PEI Women's Shoulder Bag

Available in 14 various colors including peacock blue and coral almond, this crescent bag features a scrunched handle that makes it standout when compared to other handbags. With one pocket within the main compartment, this handbag is cute to clutch on nights out on the town when you just need the essentials.

Urban Outfitters HVISK Soft Shoulder Bag

With three inner pockets, you'll be able to hold the basics and then some in this net-patterned crescent handbag from Urban Outfitters. Sizing in at a little over a foot, this bag serves as a medium-sized option when compared to others.

DKNY The Sad Crochet Crescent Crossbody

This crochet bag offers a subtle crescent shape, but still has a crescent shape nonetheless. Multiple pockets inside the main compartment allow you to carry items big and small. Reminiscent of the '70s, this handbag "Is my go to bag for everyday," one reviewer said, adding that it's "very durable and looks good dressed up or down."