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Make them LOL with these 34 creative gag gifts — starting at $6

These presents are guaranteed to tickle anyone's funny bone.
/ Source: TODAY

Some of your loved ones may be hard to shop for. For instance, some may have very specific tastes, while others may prefer their gifts to simply be, um, hilarious. You're not alone — so we've come up with this novelty gift guide from the joke-loving friend or family member in your life.

Whether you're shopping for your witty best friend or your grandpa with his surprising sense of humor, this list has a diverse array of all the unique and funny gag gifts we could think of.

Still, the internet is a vast place, with many weird and wonderful gift ideas, so after looking through this guide, we suggest browsing through our gift guides for a present that is maybe a little less eccentric.

Happy (and laughter-filled) gifting, everyone!

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Best unique gag gifts

Monday/Friday Sock Set

There's no denying, there's one day of the workweek we look forward to, and another we wish would come around a little later. These socks can help you show your mood about reaching either in a fashionable and cheeky way.

Worry Monster

Worry no more! This funny little monster is meant to be a cathartic way to reduce anxiety. The recipient can write down fears and worries on pieces of paper and then "feed" them to the monster.

Potato Pal

This is definitely unique! Upload a photo of the gift recipient and it'll get printed on a ... potato. Yes, a potato. This was seen on "Shark Tank" and will without a doubt give them a giggle.

"Somehow, Heartbreak Seems Good in a Place Like This" Quote Parody Pullover

This cool crew neck sweatshirt is everything — it has a bold graphic print, it's super thick and soft and it boasts an iconic quote that will have every movie lover passing by giving the wearer envious looks.

"The Office" Michael Scott Funko Pop Figure

Know somebody who's been binge-watching "The Office" lately? They'll proudly display this collectible figure of Steve Carell's loveably incompetent character, Michael Scott. Other fan favorite characters, like Jim Halpert and Pam Beesly, are also available.

Unisex Fish Slippers

Whether they're someone who loves fishing, comfy yet durable slippers, wearable conversation starters or all of the above, win your giftee over with these hilarious bass slippers — which happen to come in four colors.

Burritos Blanket by Casofu

If you have someone on your list who can't get enough Chipotle, they are bound to love this bestselling burrito blanket. There's also an adorable baby version with a matching cap.

"How to Be Perfect: The Correct Answer to Every Moral Question," by Michael Schur

From the creator of "The Good Place" and co-creator of "Parks and Recreation," this book is a hilarious guide for the person in your life who thinks they're always right. When a book starts off with the question of "Should I punch my friend in the face for no reason?" you know it will be a good one.

Ramen Socks

Gift this sock set to the biggest ramen lover in your life. Not only does it come in adorably appropriate packaging, but both pairs of socks are also actually cute and perfect for a cozy night in ... eating ramen.

Baguette Candle

A carb candle? Sign us up! This playful, double-wicked candle looks like a baguette but burns like a candle. It's a great choice for people who are sensitive to smell, as this in unscented.

Cold Beer Coats

Who doesn't love a nice cold one? These adorable beer "coats" will keep your outdoorsy beer lover's bevvies cool and sweat-less, while the koozie's unique design will have them feeling even cooler.

"Not Fried Chicken" Ice Cream Bucket

This isn't your mother's fried chicken. In fact, they don't contain any chicken at all! These scrumptious "drumsticks," the brainchild of a James Beard Award-winning pastry chef, are actually waffle ice cream coated with white chocolate and crispy corn flakes. Plus, they even have chocolate-covered cookie "bones!"

Best cheap funny gag gifts

I Pooped Bathroom Guest Book

You've heard about wedding guest books and may have signed an engagement book or two, but a bathroom book? This will certainly give guests a laugh during an unexpected (and normally not-so-funny moment).

Schrute Farms Welcome Mints

Any "The Office" fan knows all about Schrute Beet Farm, so these mints will really hit their funny bone. Don't worry — they're not beet-flavored!

Wacky Waving Miniature Inflatable Tube Guy

Who says your cubicle can't be fun? With this miniature inflatable tube guy most commonly seen in car dealerships, your desk will now be the hit of the office and sure to bring a smile to every co-worker's face.

Crap Jokes Toilet Paper

For the person who spends too much time in the bathroom, gift them with this toilet paper roll full of jokes that will keep them plenty occupied while on the porcelain throne.

Accoutrements HandiSquirrel Squirrel Set

Creepy or cute? No matter what side of the fence you land on, you've got to admit this squirrel finger puppet set is hilarious.

Corgi Butt Silicone Mouse Pad

If they're the sort of dog lover who squeals in delight whenever they see a corgi in the wild, they'll go nuts over this silicone mouse pad.

MyPupSocks Custom Photo Socks

Everyone appreciates a good novelty sock, especially if their face is plastered all over it! Choose their most unflattering selfie to make it extra hilarious.

Best funny yet functional gag gifts

Plant Life-Support Self-Waterer

If you know someone who's notoriously bad at keeping plants alive, they'll get a kick out of this self-waterer that's made to look like an IV bag.

"30 Rock" Playing Cards

If you've got a Liz Lemon or Tracy Jordan fan on your list, they'll love these "30 Rock" playing cards. Bonus points for using them while you re-watch the hilarious show.

Pop Culture Air Freshener

This air freshener is a definite upgrade from the classic tree, and is bound to make any driver a little cheerier.

Hipster Mustachifier Pacifier

For the new kid on the block, gift them with this laughable pacifier, which makes it look like they grew new facial hair overnight. Reviewers gifted this "cute and funny" pacifier at baby showers and to new babies.

Hot Guys and Baby Animals Book

For a coffee table book that is sure to come up in conversation, gift them with this book full of hunks and their furry friends. "Adorable pets and cute men — perfect combo!," said one reviewer.

Sudski Beer Shower Holder

After a long, hard day, there's nothing more relaxing than a nice hot shower and an ice cold beer. Now they can enjoy both at the same time with this beer shower holder, which fits 12-ounce cans perfectly. Cheers!

World's Greatest Mullets 2023 Wall Calendar

Now they can relish in all the business in the front, party in the back hairstyles that either make them cringe, or that they enjoy with this 2023 wall calendar. From parking lot photos to professional headshots, men bare all with this hairstyle in this 12-month calendar.

Belly Button Lint Brush

This lint brush is super tiny for a good reason. It's designed for your belly button! Get the person who already has everything something they surely don't yet have — like this belly button lint brush.

F-Bomb Paperweight

This handmade paperweight, made of reclaimed steel, is equal parts awesome sculpture and guaranteed conversation starter. It's probably the only time the F-bomb will be safe for work!

Vinmax Bed Prism Spectacles

Do you know someone who's on their phone at all times, even when they're lying in bed? Of course you do. Gift them these comical glasses that allow them to get comfy and view their phone from any angle, instead of dropping it on their face.

Sloth Coffee Mug

There's nothing like a caffeine boost to help you focus on doing absolutely nothing. This sloth-adorned coffee mug is perfect for your favorite co-worker or your lazy partner in crime.

Guzzle Buddy Wine Bottle Glass

This wine glass attaches to your favorite bottle of pinot or chardonnay — just what you need to make it through the year.

Best funny gifts for men

Gagster Commandos Emergency Underpants in a Can

Sometimes all it takes to brighten up his day is a good old-fashioned prank gift. When "disaster" strikes, he will be prepared with these 3 pairs of backup underwear. They will really save the day if you know what I mean!

Emergency Dad Jokes Mug

Ah, dad jokes. Who doesn't love 'em? This 10-ounce ceramic mug will have your pun-loving father grinning from ear to ear.

Blue Q Oven Mitts

These colorful and sassy oven mitts feature funny (and NSFW-adjacent) quotes that'll make any home cook chuckle. But they aren't just vanity items. These high-quality mitts are made from 100% cotton and are highly insulated.