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Which couples from Season 4 of ‘Love Is Blind’ are still together now?

The couples came together for Netflix’s first-ever “live” reunion to break down the biggest moments from the season.
/ Source: TODAY

After an unexpected delay that sent the internet into a minor spiral, the cast of “Love Is Blind” Season Four finally appeared for the show’s first-ever “live” reunion on April 17, and it did not disappoint. 

Four of the couples who got engaged on the show — Tiffany Pennywell and Brett Brown, Micah Lussier and Paul Peden, Chelsea Griffin and Kwame Appiah and Zack Goytowski and Bliss Poureetezadi — sat down with hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey and revealed how their relationships have changed since their weddings

Although the special was originally supposed to air live on April 16, Netflix experienced multiple technical difficulties and the taped reunion was not uploaded until the following day. While fan-favorite Marshall Glaze and controversial cast member Irina Solomonova  joined the rest of the couples, Jackie Bonds and Josh Demas were missing from the plush gray couches. 

At the start of the reunion, Vanessa Lachey announced she interviewed Jackie and Josh separately. The rest of the contestants were ready to unpack some of the buzziest moments from Season Four. 

Read on to find out what the previously engaged couples shared about the drama that happened on and off camera during Netflix’s viral television event.

Tiffany and Brett

Tiffany and Brett.
Tiffany and Brett.Netflix

Relationship Status: Married

Tiffany and Brett were strong from Episode One and their connection continued to blossom all season long. In fact, the two barely faced any drama except for Tiffany hilariously falling asleep in the pods and Brett briefly leaving on their wedding day to have his pants tailored. 

They are still happily together. Tiffany said she has learned to “never stop dating” — the two have been embracing that philosophy since they tied the knot. Brett revealed that his favorite moment from the season was surprising Tiffany with portraits during their last date before the wedding. 

Tiffany said the biggest challenge they've faced was her relocating to Portland to move in with Brett.

Micah and Paul

Micah and Paul.
Micah and Paul.Netflix

Relationship Status: Broken up

During their wedding, Micah surprised Paul and their families when she asked him to reveal his decision before she did. In return, Paul blindsided Micah by saying he did not want to get married.

She dramatically ran away from the altar before Paul joined her in her dressing room. At first, he seemed conflicted and asked if he had made a mistake. But he later told the cameras that he could not picture Micah being the mother of his children. He added that he was looking forward to moving on. 

Vanessa Lachey asked Micah at the reunion if she would be married to Paul today had he said “yes.” Micah reiterated she needed to hear Paul’s response first. However, she did say that hearing Paul’s comments about her being a mom was “the worst thing” someone could say to her. She said it was a shock and he had never voiced that concern previously to her.

Paul said he should have used a different phrase. He explained that he did not see them becoming parents together.

Micah jumped in and said Paul did not share these concerns even after they dated. Paul replied that he couldn’t “request” her to change and that the nurturing aspect should have happened “organically.” 

The discussion then shifted to Micah’s friend, Shelby. Micah backed her friend and said Shelby's delivery was harsh but she meant well. 

Paul confirmed they briefly reunited after the wedding but it did not work out. 

Chelsea and Kwame

Chelsea and Kwame.
Chelsea and Kwame.Netflix

Relationship Status: Married

The season finale began with Kwame saying “I do” to Chlelsea. Despite the couple facing many obstacles and constantly disagreeing every episode, they decided to go through with their wedding. They toasted to “forever” during their reception. 

Chelsea and Kwame said they are still happily in love and are planning to print the steamy pictures from their boudoir photoshoot to hang in their home. The reunion also included a deleted scene between Micah and Chelsea where they fully cleared the air about Kwame and Micah flirting during their couples trip. 

Looking back on the entire season, Chelsea said it has been “difficult” and “very uncomfortable” watching Kwame and Micah in Mexico. “I believe that she’s grown and I really want her to be happy,” Chelsea said about Micah. 

Kwame then chimed in and said it was hard for him to watch. He called his actions “immature" and apologized to his wife. “I’m sorry I let my ego get the best of me in that moment,” he said. He also apologized to Chelsea’s family who had to watch his behavior. 

“I think that I’m in a better spot and that puts us in a better spot,” he said.

Before their segment ended, Chelsea alluded to a “narrative” being pushed between Kwame and Micah after they left the pods. 

“We were strong, but if anything, this whole thing made us even stronger,” Chelsea concluded.  

Zack and Bliss

Zack Goytowski, Bliss Poureetezadi.
Zack Goytowski, Bliss Poureetezadi.Netflix

Relationship Status: Married

Zack and Bliss broke up in the pods and he proposed to Irina. During their trip to Mexico, Zack and Irina realized they were not attracted to each other and called off their engagement. He rekindled his relationship with Bliss, which she discussed with, and they got engaged. The season finale ended with the couple getting married and dancing to their favorite song, Lee Ann Womack’s “I Hope You Dance,” at their reception. 

Their segment, fittingly, began with a clip of them slow dancing at their wedding. Zack explained how the couple truly connected to the song because he was worried he could not overcome the “mountains” Womack sings about. 

Bliss said Zack and her dad are now “best buds” despite him initially being skeptical of her fiancé. She shared that her father is paying for their upcoming honeymoon to Panama.

Irina then appeared on stage to discuss her “mean girl” comments and actions in the pods with Micah. She said she was “selfish” during the experiment. "That’s the image I’m left with (from) my three weeks of this journey,” she said. 

Bliss said she was “very shocked” and “disappointed” after seeing how Irina treated Zack during their trip to Mexico.

Zack also had choice words for his ex. “If we’re real, you went on this show to get famous,” Zack said. “But look, I forgive you.” He spoke directly to the audience and said it has been “punishment enough” for the cast to watch their worst moments aired for the world to see. He added that he believes Irina will be a better person one day. 

Irina shared that she had a panic attack after she met Zack and asked to go home shortly after. She said she did not have the words to articulate how she felt in the moment. 

Bliss firmly said she wanted to move on from the conversation before revealing that Irina sent a message to her that she “dodged a bullet” by not being with Zack after Mexico. 

Marshall and Jackie 

Jackie and Marshall.
Jackie and Marshall.Netflix

Relationship Status: Broken up

The most tumultuous relationship during the season was between Marshall and Jackie. In Episode 10, Jackie ended their relationship after skipping her wedding dress fitting. She also told Marshall she planned to keep the ring and that she was interested in pursuing a relationship with Josh, her other connection in the pods. 

Before breaking down why Jackie and Marshall split, an unaired discussion in the pods between Jackie and Josh was shown. Vanessa Lachey also confirmed that Jackie and Josh have been dating since her time on “Love Is Blind” ended.

In a Zoom interview with Vanessa Lachey recorded a day before the reunion, Jackie said she has “grown within the past year.” 

“I broke up with Marshall before I saw Josh at the coffee shop,” she shared. “It looks like I’m a cheater, but I’m not a cheater.”

Jackie then claimed Marshall called her a “derogatory name” when they were joking while filling out their marriage certificate. 

As for her parting message to Marshall, Jackie said she was taking accountability for her actions and she wanted Marshall to do the same. She shared she still has the ring and that Marshall had another connection in the pods.  

After the clip ended, Marshall said he thought they would at least make it to the altar because he did not want to run away. He felt "slighted" because he did not have an opportunity to make a decision. 

He addressed Jackie alleging that he used a “derogatory name.” 

“She was calling me sweet,” he said. “I felt like it was my turn to make a jab. I said, ‘I mean you’ve got a strong jawline. You could’ve been a man for all I know.’ And it was wrong. I know.”

He said they were joking and it went too far.

He did not have any regrets about asking for the ring. Marshall said he specifically chose it for her as a symbol of his love and she didn’t deserve it. 

Ultimately, Marshall said he was ready to move on. He said everyone is happy and the public should “let it die.”  

He asked for “grace” for all the contestants and said the focus should be the celebration of love.