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Are Kwame Appiah and Chelsea Griffin from 'Love Is Blind' still together? They told us

And gave an update about where things with Kwame's mom stand.

Warning: Spoilers from the season finale of “Love Is Blind” Season Four are ahead.

The wait is over! The "Love Is Blind" Season Four finale premiered on April 12, showing what comes of the four engaged couples still left in the experiment.

Kwame Appiah and Chelsea Griffin are the first couple to arrive at the altar. The start of their wedding is shown in Episode 11.

After a week wondering what comes next for the duo, we finally got our answer in the "Love Is Blind" Season Four finale. The day the finale dropped, Kwame shared a post on Instagram about the behind-the-scenes moments that capture their experience of falling in love.

Here's what to know.

Do Chelsea and Kwame get married in the 'Love Is Blind' finale?

When Kwame, a 33-year-old former soccer pro-turned-tech worker, and Chelsea, a 31-year-old pediatric speech language pathologist, are asked to make their decisions on their wedding day, both happily say, "I do."

Leading up to that moment, the couple expresses their love for each other.

"I've been preparing my whole life to marry a man like Kwame," Chelsea says before their wedding.

"Kwame possesses every quality that I've been looking for. Not only to make a good husband but to make a good man, a good person, a good friend, a loyal son," she adds.

At the altar, Kwame decides to riff instead of writing something down, because he says he can't capture his feelings in writing.

"I love the way you make me feel. I love when we disagree because it makes us come back together and let us know how strong we are. We get stronger by the moment. We get closer by the day," he says. "I fell in love with your beautiful soul when I didn't get a chance to see your absolutely stunning shell."

Watching his speech in the audience, his sister wipes away tears.

After the wedding, Kwame and Chelsea stand beneath an umbrella and cuddle. "You are my husband!" she says.

Remind me: What happened to Chelsea and Kwame prior to the wedding?

The couple's relationship had its ups and downs throughout the season.

To begin, Chelsea was one of two love interests for Kwame in the pods. (His other potential match was Micah Lussier. In Mexico, when the two first met face-to-face, things got a little flirty.)

Still, Chelsea and Kwame made it out of the pods out engaged — he even sang to her about their love.

After their engagement, Chelsea and Kwame struggled when Kwame's mom wouldn't meet Chelsea and declined to attend their wedding. Chelsea's parents, on the other hand, were supportive of their daughter.

The two also disagreed over where they'd settle once married. Kwame was reluctant to leave Portland and move to Seattle.

Regardless of their setbacks, Kwame and Chelsea left the altar with rings on their fingers.

Where are Chelsea and Kwame now? She's since met his mom

Speaking to, Chelsea says she met Kwame’s mom for the first-time during Thanksgiving celebrations in 2022.

"It was a beautiful time," she says. "It was a loud, fun, loving family and I loved it. Yes, there's still room to grow with his mom but it was a perfect first visit. She really saw my character and who I was."

Chelsea says she understands Kwame's mom's hesitation. "This was a very non-traditional, fast experience where he had to follow his own heart. That does have consequences and we've worked through that," she says.

Kwame tells since their wedding, he's come to appreciate his mom's approach

"I've realized this is more complicated, even when you take the experiment and the show out of it. Meeting someone and getting married is such a complicated situation," he says.

"It made sense that she wanted me to take more time and be more considerate of what the journey really is. But we're on great terms right now," he adds.

"I'm so grateful for my mom. And I'm very happy with where we are. I think we're progressing at the right rate to make sure that we all end up happy on the other end."

Are Chelsea and Kwame still together?

Chelsea and Kwame have not confirmed whether the two are together — but we'll find out at the reunion on April 16.