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Irina from 'Love Is Blind' says this 'gut feeling' is why she and Zack broke up

Speaking to, Irina says the breakup had nothing to do with Zack's appearance.

Irina Solomonova and Zack Goytowski's engagement on Season Four of "Love Is Blind" was short-lived.

During their post-pods trip to Mexico, Irina and Zack call things off while sitting at a distance in bed, ending their relationship before they can head the final phase of the show's "experiment" in Seattle.

Here's what happened between Zack and Irina — and what they have to say about what went wrong.

'Absolutely horrible': Zack and Irina's relationship takes a turn in Mexico

The euphoria of Zack and Irina's engagement seems to deflate during their first face-to-face meeting, when Irina tells him he looks like a cartoon character and asks if he always stares at people with such intensity. “You have like the blankest stare in your eyes,” she tells him.

Things become more awkward in Mexico, with Irina developing an attraction to Paul Peden, her friend's fiancé ... but not one for own.

Finally, after dodging the elephant in the room, Irina and Zack have a heart-to-heart about their emotions for each other (or lack thereof).

"I just feel like we're in this hole and we're trying to get out of it and get out of it ... this is supposed to be our honeymoon phase," Irina says.

"And it's been horrible. Absolutely horrible," Zack says, chiming in. He suggests the two call it quits: "I don't think it's going to work out."

For Zack, the relationship’s unfolding comes as a disappointment and a step away from his dreams.

“Genuinely what I want is, I want to have a family, I want to have a wife who’s going to support my vision for what I want to do, and I want to be there to support her in her in her dreams,” he had told her back when they were a couple.

“I still see you as someone who I could do that with, but you know it takes two people for a relationship to work,” he continued. Irina threw a pillow in his face in response.

Irina sets the record straight on the breakup

For anyone who watched Irina dodge Zack’s kisses or attempts at physical affection for multiple episodes, the breakup likely didn’t come as a surprise. It certainly didn’t for Irina.

“I feel like me and Zack weren’t meant to be,” Irina tells in an interview. “It wasn’t anything about his looks, or anything like that, it was more of the sense of feeling this gut feeling that he wasn’t the person for me.”

And she weighs in on the Bliss of it all

In the pods, Zack is torn between Irina, 26, a small business owner, and Bliss Poureetzadi, 33, a senior program manager.

After getting to know Irina in the women's quarters, Bliss warns Zack about her personality, saying she is sometimes unfriendly. For example, Bliss is miffed when, after she bakes Zack cupcakes for his birthday, Irina asks if she could give him some. Irina had forgotten his birthday.

"You're right that you know her in a different way," Bliss tells Zack in the pods. "I see her in capacities that you don't. You see her in capacities that I don't. I just see things that aren't good."

Speaking to, Irina confirms that she and Bliss didn't always get along — and that she's moved on.

"Me and Bliss didn't have the best moments in the lounge, but I have absolutely no harsh feelings towards her," Irina says.

In fact, she says she encouraged Zack to pursue Bliss after their own breakup. "I think what's meant to be, will be," she says.

No, Zack and Irina aren't in touch now

For Zack, the door is firmly closed on the Irina chapter of his life.

"I have not talked to Irina since Mexico. She sent me text messages, but I honestly never responded any of them," Zack tells