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Are 'Love Is Blind's' Jackie and Josh dating now? Here's what we know about their 'soul-binding' connection

She broke down her bond with Josh in an interview with

Jackelina Bonds of "Love Is Blind" Season Four has recently made waves online for her time on the dating show — and after.

Jackie, a 27-year-old dental hygienist, connected with two suitors in the pods: Marshall Glaze, a 27-year-old marketing manager, and Josh Demas, a 31-year-old project engineer.

She ultimately decided to get engaged to Marshall, though they broke up before making it to the aisle.

Jackie reflected on their breakup, which happened over the course of a tense conversation in their temporary home, in an interview with Jackie said she and Marshall were ultimately incompatible because he required "way more emotion" than she could provide. As she phrased it in the show, she felt "emotionally drained."

“Me and Marshall broke up because we just weren’t meant for each other,” Bonds told “I was going down a different road than he was, and he required way more emotion, way more babying, all that.”

Jackie's relationship with Marshall ended as another one appeared to begin: She reconnected with Josh while the show was filmed.

The two met face-to-face for the first time when Josh appeared at cast member Chelsea Griffin's birthday party. The engineer was clear about his intentions when speaking to fellow cast member Paul Peden: He wanted to win Jackie back.

“I came here trying to find love, and I got screwed over. But I was really in love with Jackie, and I was scared of, like, really putting myself out there,” Josh explained to Paul Peden, adding, “Marshall’s a good guy, but I’m good at stirring the pot.” 

Speaking to, Jackie opened up about the first time she saw Josh out of the pods, and the instant attraction she felt.

“The first time I ever saw Josh, it was very surreal because I’ve never seen him before and walking into Chelsea’s party, I only heard his voice," she said.

She likened meeting Josh to an out of body experience.

"I instantly had a 'That’s So Raven' moment where I was kind of like a flashback," she said, adding that she couldn't concentrate on his appearance as a result. "He's good looking. He’s smelling good, but I’m not hearing any of the words like he’s telling me, because I’m just not present at that time."

While the rest of the women went shopping for their wedding dresses, Jackie sat down with Josh during Episodes Nine and Ten for the one-on-one in-person date they never got to have. During the conversation, Jackie admitted she was attracted to Josh, and said she "chose wrong" and "robbed herself" of a connection with Josh. She said she could imagine marrying him. Upon her return, she and Marshall broke up.

Jackie said her connection with Josh was immediately "strong." More than that, actually: She said it was "soul-binding."

"Going forward and moving forward with Josh. It was actually very surreal. It was actually very intimate, very soul-binding, I would say, because it’s almost kind of like, we are very strong,” she said.

Are Jackie and Josh together now?

Ahead of the reunion, fans were speculating that Jackie and Josh are still dating, as they were allegedly spotted together at a sporting event in Seattle the first weekend of April 2023.

Then, in a series of leaked texts allegedly sent between Jackie and unnamed friends, the reality star seemed to make fun of Marshall while confirming she was with Josh. Another leaked screenshot from an Instagram DM had a picture of Jackie with Josh and the text "my baby." Marshall appeared to respond to the leaked messages in a tweet by referencing the language from one of Jackie's alleged texts. Neither Jackie nor Netflix have confirmed whether the leaked texts were indeed sent by Jackie.

The day of the delayed live reunion, Jackie posted about her relationship with Josh, confirming they had been together for a year.

"A year of standing side by side with my other half. Our journey to find each other was not easy but it was worth it. Thank you for loving me, standing by me and protecting me. I love you forever and through every realm," she wrote.

In a separate interview with, Marshall said that he and Jackie may come across as “the toxic ones” of the group, but he emphasized that their initial bond was genuine.

“But it definitely wasn’t the case for the majority of our relationship,” he shared. “For a time there, we were great.”