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Do Micah Lussier and Paul Peden from ‘Love Is Blind’ get married? She breaks down the finale

Speaking to, Micah explains why she turned the tables on Paul at the altar.

Warning: Spoilers from the season finale of “Love Is Blind” Season Four are ahead.

"Love Is Blind" Season Four ended on April 12 — and so did Micah Lussier and Paul Peden's relationship.

At the altar, Paul, a 29-year-old environmental scientist, confesses to Micah, 27, that he doesn't think they are ready to get married. Paul had previously expressed hesitation over his relationship to Micah. Right before the wedding, Paul told his friends in the dressing room that he wasn't sure what to say.

Here’s what goes down in the finale.

But first, a recap of Micah and Paul's 'Love Is Blind' relationship

In the pods, the two bonded over their family-oriented values and passion for traveling. At the time, Micah was also considering a relationship with cast member Kwame Appiah. She decided to end things with Kwame so she could be with Paul.

Once Micah and Paul entered the real world, disagreements arose. First, they argued over where to live — Micah wanted Paul to consider moving to Arizona; Paul was set on Seattle.

Micah's friends also shared their concerns about Paul. One of her friends, Shelby, even told Micah she didn't think Paul was the one. Responding to their comments Micah told her friends that there was more to their relationship than meets the eye.

Despite their emotional connection, Paul and Micah don't end up tying the knot. Instead, she leaves the altar crying.

Micah asked Paul to answer at the altar first. Here's why

After exchanging vows at the altar, the officiant asks Micah if she would take Paul as her husband. Instead of answering, she flips the question onto Paul and asks him to answer first.

“It definitely was controversial to do something like that,” Micah tells in an interview. “But the reason why I did it was because I felt like the only way I could get a true answer from Paul was for him to answer first.”

Paul takes the opportunity to express his love for Micah, but ends his speech by saying he doesn't think the two are ready for marriage.

Upon hearing his answer, Micah runs back down the altar, back toward her dressing room. Paul follows and tries to comfort her, but she tells him to leave.

"I feared that if I said 'yes' first that maybe he would say 'yes' as well. Just to be like, 'Oh, maybe she knows something I don't like ... maybe I we should do this, maybe I should take the risk," Micah says.

"I want him to do it for him. I want him to follow his heart and I felt that the only way that he could truly do that is if he answered first," she continues.

Following the wedding fiasco, Micah reveals on camera that if Paul had said "yes," she would have said it back.

Are Micah and Paul still together?

Although Micah and Paul did not get married at the altar, they have not confirmed the status of their current relationship.