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Who is Kacia Clark? 'Love Is Blind' contestant talks Marshall Glaze relationship

After the cameras stopped rolling, Marshall rekindled a relationship with another connection from the pods. She tells us what happened next.

Turns out Jackie Bonds wasn't the only woman who fell for Marshall Glaze in the "Love Is Blind" pods this season. Kacia Clark, another Season Four cast member, also shared an emotional connection with Marshall.

At the reunion, which aired after delays, Jackie — calling in virtually with Josh Demas — brought up Kacia's name. During the reunion, Marshall acknowledged that he and Kacia went on one date and were talking after the show.

“Kacia sent me a very beautiful voice message the day that me and Jackie broke up,” Marshall said on the reunion. 

He gave more information about their relationship in an interview with E! News last week. While Marshall said he "tried" to make a relationship work with Kacia, she was ultimately too close to his "Love Is Blind" experience.

“I wanted to just distance myself from all of that, from that experience,” he said. “It was going to be difficult to try to make a relationship with Kacia.” He said the breakup was "rough" and that he was "apologetic about starting something."

Ahead of the reunion, Kacia spoke to to share her side of the story.

Who is Kacia Clark? Allow her to introduce herself

When "Love Is Blind" was casting for the show in Seattle, the 31-year-old family support specialist got a DM from the casting producer asking her to apply.

"I was a huge fan of the show and I thought to myself, this can't be real," she says. "I ended up reaching back out to confirm that it was a real thing, and it was."

"The process took was extensive, it took a couple months. But I thought that was just really awesome. A once in a lifetime opportunity, " she says.

While she didn't particularly struggle with dating in the real world, Kacia says she hadn't met someone who wanted a serious relationship. This could be her chance, she thought.

Kacia and Marshall dated in the pods

In Season Four, Jackie was torn between Marshall and Josh, whom she later ends up dating. Marshall was in an un-televised love triangle of his own between Jackie and Kacia.

For Kacia, there wasn't much of a choice: Marshall was always her top choice in the pods.

"We were very similar in the way we voiced our emotions," she says. "He was literally the male version of me, so it was kind of weird talking to him even though I'd never seen him."

“He was literally the male version of me, so it was kind of weird talking to him even though I’d never seen him.”

Kacia Clark on Marhall Glaze

She says previous men she'd dated hadn't been as in touch with their emotions as Marshall — and she was looking for this quality.

The day after she realized she wanted to go for Marshall, he revealed he planned to propose to Jackie instead. This wasn't too much of a surprise: Kacia knew about their connection since Jackie had discussed it in the women's lounge.

Though she was hurt, Kacia says she didn't want to interfere with Marshall's decision.

"I said to him, 'If that's the decision that you want to make, I respect that.' I just tried really hard to be understanding. Like the one thing, even the real world, I would never try to like to change a man's mind about his choice," she says.

But looking back, she wonders if she should have.

"In the 'Love Is Blind' world, you are supposed to try to fight for things or stay in it, because things do change daily. That's just how the process goes," she says.

Kacia stayed friends with Jackie

Kacia and Jackie became friends in the pods, which she says made things harder for her once Marshall ended things to pursue Jackie.

When Jackie spoke about her relationship with Marshall, Kacia says she tried not to overstep. Staying quiet got harder after Marshall and Jackie returned from Mexico and their relationship started to fracture, but she tried.

"I was doing the right thing by taking a step back and letting them figure that out," she says.

But her feelings for Marshall remained.

"I think people don't understand that just because you cut off a relationship, your feelings don't go away. Like, it's still gonna be there. It's just like any other relationship — it just happened," she says.

Kacia and Marshall reconnected for the first time at a cast meetup

Kacia says she and Marshall met for the first time at cast meetup after he and Jackie broke up.

"It was very, very awkward, because it's my first time seeing him. He just had this traumatizing breakup, and I didn't know what to say. So, I said, 'Hi,'" she says.

Eventually she reached out to check in on him via text message. She wanted him to know that she was sorry and there for him, regardless of their history. From there, say says they just started texting back and forth. They even went on a date.

Kacia and Marshall dated and broke up ... again

While it was nice to reconnect with Marshall, it was also bittersweet and difficult. She realized if things had gone differently for her in the pods, she and Marshall could be married.

“I was falling for him in the pods, so me coming out of the pods and reconnecting with him outside of the pod ... those feelings are still there,” she says.

While rekindling their relationship, Kacia noticed off with Marshall. When she asked him, he voiced that he wasn't ready for another relationship. Despite their love for each other, Kacia knew he needed space.

She says her time of "Love Is Blind" taught her how to navigate the situation.

"Before going on the show, I hear men telling me like, 'Hey, I'm not ready for a relationship.' But still, I'd try to make sure he's mine," she says.

"But like I learned a lot about myself. I was like, I won't do that the time. It doesn't mean I love Marshall, but just saying I'm not ready for this right now," she adds.