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Top 10 weird gifts for Christmas 2018

TODAY readers bought hundreds of these wacky things.
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While editing almost 80 gift guides this holiday season, we've come across all kinds of gifts.

Some are endearing — like the long-distance friendship lamps from our best friends gift guide. Some are genius: The pancake art kit from our gift guide for dads comes to mind. And, some ... well ... are just odd.

From a slime-pooping unicorn kids are completely obsessed with to a cat toilet brush, here are some of the weirdest gifts we've seen in our 2018 gift guides.

Top 10 Weird Gifts Of 2018

  • 1. Poopsie the Slime-Pooping Unicorn, $50, Amazon

One of the must-have toys of the holidays, this unicorn comes with a little frappé, an angry cloud (?!?), a key chain in the shape of rainbow poop and "unicorn food." Kids mix the slime inside the unicorn, then press the belly button for the concoction to come out of its rear end. This has got to be the weirdest toy of the year.

  • 2. Bob Ross Chia Pet, $21, Amazon

The original king of ASMR and painting tutorials, Bob Ross takes the form of a chia pet to bring you a truly odd novelty gift. The chia makes up his iconic afro and the packaging features this quote: "There's nothing wrong with having a tree as a friend."

The Bob Ross Chia Pet is truly weird, but I also feel like I need one for my desk ... to accompany my Stranger Things Chia Pet.

  • 3. Yodeling Pickle, $15, Amazon

I get it: The Christmas pickle tradition is widely practiced. But, this one features a motion sensor that triggers a yodeling alarm whenever someone reaches within 3 feet of your Christmas tree. It certainly makes for an amazing white elephant gift if you want to get something unique. This ornament is as unique as it gets.

4. Llama Duster, $27, Amazon

Is a duster handy? Yes. Is this one cute? Yes. But, we've got to admit: It's one of the weirdest gifts on our gift guide for co-workers.

5. DishFish (4-Pack), $14, Amazon

I have this sponge and I like it. But, it was chosen as one of the best gifts for your in-laws, which is simply hilarious.

6. Motion sensor toilet bowl light, $15, Amazon

Stocking stuffers, anyone? Perfect for people who don't turn on the lights when they make their way to the loo in the middle of the night, this motion sensor toilet bowl light is an oddly popular gift.

7. Cat Toilet Brush, $17, Amazon

Speaking of toilets: You can now make the process of cleaning your toilet cuter than you ever imagined. From our cat lover gift guide, this cat toilet brush is really something.

8. Sausage Gift Basket, $68, Amazon

I feel like your giftee has to really love sausage for this gift basket to work. To each his own!

9. Star Wars Cookbook, $15, Amazon

I'm no "Star Wars" expert but I'll hazard a guess that the galactic movie franchise is not known for it's recipes. The scenes that stand out don't really take place in a kitchen, do they? Yet, someone felt compelled to create a cookbook featuring "wookiee cookies," and it's one of our top Secret Santa gifts of the year. Astonishing.

10. Shakespeare Insult Bandages, $7, Amazon

If you're buying a gift for a college student without much room in a carry-on, why not get Shakespeare insult bandages? The bandages will surely prove useful in a dorm full of college students, and Shakespeare insults make for great party conversation. Not that your college student is partying. Straight A's, everybody!

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