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Cat and Nat / TODAY

Mom Truths: Moms through the decades

The TODAY Parenting Team’s Cat and Nat hilariously describe what motherhood looked like in the ‘50s, ‘60s, ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s — and what it can feel like today....

Katie Powell

Marry a man who cleans the kitchen

We tackle life as a team because that's what being married is all about. It's real life, not a rom-com. It's a partnership, not a contest.

Meredith Masony / TODAY

The man cold vs. the mom cold

“Once my husband comes down with a cold, there is no way to keep him from drafting his last will and testament,” says Meredith Masony of the TODAY Parenting...

Amy Betters-Midtvedt

This is what love really looks like

Yes, that's my amazing husband who is arriving on the scene with his credit card because what you can't see is me, standing next to a cart full of groceries...

Cat and Nat / TODAY

Mom Truths: Why Mommy needs a drink

Of course, we always recommend drinking responsibly, but we also know this: Sometimes mommy just needs a drink. The TODAY Parenting Team’s Cat and Nat spell...

Keeper of The Fruit Loops / Keeper of The Fruit Loops

The day I received The Call about my dad

After The Call, you stare into space, thoughts swirling. You wonder how quickly you can get a flight home and why your hands are freezing.

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Too sick for school? Here’s how to tell

Dr. Tanya Altmann describes the most common symptoms kids have at this time of year, with guidance on when to keep them home and when to see the pediatrician....


Why I don't like this T-shirt

I believe we need to encourage our sons to be wonderful human beings without tearing down the boys and men around them.

Maureen Paschal / Raising the Capable Student

Why I (really, truly) love the middle school years

Perhaps the best part of middle school is that the real pressures haven’t started yet. No college pressures are bearing down yet, no one is driving yet, and...

Cat and Nat / TODAY

Mom Truths: ‘70s moms had it made

“HEY! Hey, Rebecca! Get in the backyard and play!” The TODAY Parenting Team’s Cat and Nat reflect on all the ways motherhood has changed in just a few short...

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