28 funny gift ideas guaranteed to get a laugh for 2019

We're eyeing the "How to get Instagram Famous" book.
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By Aline Peres Martins

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Some people are hard to shop for. Some people have very specific tastes. And others simply prefer their gifts on the, um, humorous side. This novelty gift guide is for all those people.

From the only "Harry Potter" gift a Potterhead needs to the one gift to get people who are perpetually late (we all have that friend), this list has all the funny, witty and unique gifts we could think of.

The internet is a vast place, with many, many weird and wonderful gift ideas. So, while this guide is a great place to start, if you're looking for something maybe a little less eccentric, browse through our sortable gift guides or our brand new gift finding tool too.

Happy gifting, everyone!

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Our Top 5 Funny Gift Ideas

  • 1. The Golden Girls Chia Pet: Sophia, $27, Amazon

Everyone knows a Sophia. Her feisty, quick wit has withstood the test of time. Any true "Golden Girls" fan can recall a savage zinger or two from the matriarch of the clan ... which Dorothy did not appreciate as much as we did.

If chia pets seem like a step in the right direction for the novelty gift you need, but "Golden Girls" isn't exactly what you're looking for, we found a few more great options:

  1. Bob Ross, painter extraordinaire and the original ASMR king
  2. Donald Trump, 45th President of the United States
  3. Laughing Emoji, the indisputable queen of emojis

There's apparently a chia pet for everyone!

Always popular, these sentimental candles hit home for anyone who has transplanted from one state to another. This is an especially cute gift for folks from places like North Carolina, the land of the pines, or Vermont — known for maple syrup.

I'm from New Jersey, so I looked up what my state's candle is meant to smell like. Surprisingly, it's not highway congestion ... it's candy apples. I guess it's true that we have lots of those, too.

Know a dog lover who likes to keep their feet warm? These heated slippers look like adorable little corgis. Have you seen anything more perfect?

  • 4. Customized Pet Pillow, $40, Etsy

Pet owners can never own enough homages to their little fur babies.

  • 5. Vodka Is Always A Good Idea Candy Bento Box, $28, Nordstrom

A nice bottle of vodka is always a good gift for the home bartender. But, a bento box full of vodka-infused candy is the perfect gift for those who believe in vodka-o-clock.

Hilarious Gifts

For the one who is never on time

  • 1. Whatever I'm Late Wall Clock, $16, Amazon

We all have a friend or family member who shows up an hour late to everything. In my friend group, that's me. If your always-tardy friend happens to have a sense of humor, get this clock.

For the champion of sarcasm

  • 2. I Love Shoplifting Tote, $28, Human

Not only should the person you get this for have a sarcastic sense of humor, they should also not mind getting stared (and maybe glared) at from time to time. This hilarious take on a tote bag is bound to get some laughs from any shopping-obsessed loved ones who don't take themselves too seriously.

For the "cool" bookworm

  • 3. I Put The Lit In Literature Mug, $16, Amazon

Your favorite bookworm probably already owns most of the books they plan on reading, or they just use a Kindle. Instead, get them the best mug ever to drink a tea or coffee by the fire as they curl up with their next epic novel.

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For the influencer

  • 4. "Read This If You Want To Be Instagram Famous" by Henry Carroll, $11, Amazon

Is it just me, or does it seem like every teenager nowadays wants to become an influencer? Though the title of this book is funny, it features some useful tips on how to build a personal brand for anyone looking to really become Instagram famous.

Gag Gifts

For the "Samantha" of your friend group

  • 1. Grow a Boyfriend, $4 (usually $10), Amazon

Know someone who is tired of people asking, "So, when will you bring a boyfriend around for the holidays?" Get this. Some people, like Samantha from "Sex and the City" live the single life and have no problem with it. Samantha is known for saying, "I love you, but I love me more." If your single friend can relate, they need this prop.

For the soccer mom

  • 2. Big Head Cardboard Cutout, $20, Amazon

The perfect gift for parents who are completely obsessed with their little league stars, you can get a cardboard cutout of anyone's face on Amazon. Putting one of these under the tree is guaranteed to draw out some laughs during holiday festivities.

For anyone who can't live without Joe

My mom got my aunt these socks last Christmas because every morning, instead of making her own coffee, she asks if someone else is already on coffee duty. Sound familiar?

For the Star Warrior

  • 4. "Star Wars" Waffle Maker, $37, Amazon

"Star Wars" fans probably already own the movies, light sabers and tons of fan gear. You know what they probably don't have? A waffle maker.

Quirky Gifts

For the one who can't seem to find their keys

I'm going to be completely honest with everyone reading this list: I am this person. I have locked myself out of my home on more than 10 occasions in my lifetime ... and more than twice in the past month. While a welcome mat may seem like an unusual gift for most circumstances, this is the novelty gift I need to receive this year. Hey, Mom, are you reading this?

For the entrepreneur

  • 2. Ban.do I Am Very Busy Planner, $18, Amazon

There are people who always seem to be frazzled, running from one thing to the next. Some of them are actually busy and some of them just think they are. This planner works for both groups of people.

For the family man (or woman)

Say it with me: Most personalized mugs are tacky. These are not. Each little character reflects the personality of one family member with a slightly perplexed expression. The back of the mug has a little logo with the family's last name. The mugs are unique, hip and cool. They're like if the "world's greatest dad" mugs got a facelift for 2018.

For "the city" dweller

Have you ever heard someone proudly proclaim they are from "the city" without specifying what city that actually is? They would love this.

For the brunch babe

  • 5. Wake Me For Champagne Velvet Pillow, $38 (usually $50), Nordstrom

Some people abide by wine Wednesdays. Other people start their mornings with mimosas. Brunch, anyone?

For the "Rachel" of your group

  • 6. "Friends" Central Perk Mug, $20, NBC Store

Help your favorite "Friends" fan embody their inner Rachel by serving coffee (to you) in one of these. Nothing says "I'll be there for you," like caffeine. Central Perk me up!

For the grown up Potterhead

  • 7. Espresso Patronum Mug, $12, Amazon

Goodbye to faux wands, hello to punny mugs. For the uninitiated, "Expecto Patronum" is the spell Harry Potter uses to fight bad guys. "Espresso Patronum," is the spell adult "Harry Potter" fans use to get through a work day.

Weird Gifts

For the long lost Kardashian

  • 1. Kris Jenner 10% Unisex Sweatshirt, $25, Etsy

The Kardashians have become almost akin to American royalty, and pretty much everyone recognizes the last name. Needless to say, folks who have been following the family since 2007 are probably obsessed enough to wear a sweater featuring a caricature of Kris Jenner. I have not been following the Kardashians since 2007, and even I would wear it. Kris is a cultural icon.

For the millennial

Did you hear that millennials aren't buying houses because they eat too much avocado toast? Whether or not that's true, at least this avocado doubles as a heating pad.

For the Gaines' of Thrones

  • 3. "Game Of Thrones" Dragon Egg Candles, $25, Amazon

The subset of people who love both Joanna Gaines and "Game of Thrones" may be small ... but those folks win my stamp of approval. Throners who also like to keep a well-decorated home need these candles.

For the Bey Hive

"I got hot sauce in my bag. Swag." The iconic Beyonce line propelled hot sauce to a new level of pop culture appreciation. Now, any Beyonce fan can carry mini hot sauce on a keychain. So, they really will always have hot sauce in their bag. Swag.

Note: This also works for anyone who puts hot sauce on everything.

Unusual Gifts

For the one who's always running on Dunkin'

  • 1. Babycakes Mini Donut Maker, $17, Amazon

It's cute, and it makes doughnuts. What more could anyone need?

For the pizza rat

Christmas pajamas are cute and all, but for pizza lovers, there's nothing cuter than a comfy pair of joggers featuring cheesy goodness.

For the environmentalist "Office" fan

  • 4. "The Office" Humans Are Terrible For the Environment Tote, $15, NBC Store

Dwight created a special place in most "The Office" fans' hearts. This tote bag is perfect for wannabe Dunder Mifflin employees and environmentalists alike!

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