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Here's what your aura colors really mean, according to experts

Curious what kind of vibe you're giving off? The answer lies within your aura reading.
Courtesy Aura Weaver

Have you ever met someone for the first time and, almost instantly, felt drawn to them? Sure, you could chalk it up to charisma and charm, but this feeling may be a sign that your aura colors are compatible.

Auras, the small electromagnetic field emitted by all living things, are believed to reflect our emotional, mental and spiritual health. "Even when we don’t notice, it is there encapsulating us," Charlie Watts of Aura Weaver told TODAY.

In some ways, auras are similar to zodiac signs — except they only focus on the current moment, not the future. That said, auras aren't inherently good or bad. In fact, they are merely a reflection of who you are as a person and where you're at in life — even if you haven't come to terms with it yet.

“Knowing your aura can be a powerful way to connect to yourself and your ideas,” professional aura reader Susanna Merrick told TODAY. “This is our way of understanding ourselves on the outside so that we can have a deeper understanding of what we are wanting on the inside.”

Auras tend to be a blend of colors, but one hue can dominate and remain a constant throughout your life. "Some colors are always with us, which I refer to these as our 'innate' colors," Merrick added. "This energy makes up our personality and reflects our essence as people.”

Since your energy, mood and thoughts are in constant flux, your aura colors may vary by the week, the day or even the hour. Remember: Auras are unique to each and every person. That means, some people see a serious shift in their aura colors in the midst of big life changes (think: switching jobs or dating someone new), while others don't.

How to find your aura colors

While there are plenty of personality quizzes out there claiming to help identify someone’s aura colors, Merrick recommends leaving it to the professionals for the most accurate reading. Start by meeting with an experienced aura reader “who has the ability to see and interrupt” these energetic colors or have your aura photographed by a professional.

Aura Weaver, an aura photography business, offers 15-30 minute sessions — in a traveling yurt, no less. People place their hands on bio-feedback sensors and two minutes later, their aura is printed on polaroid film. From there, the "Aura Weavers" will explain the meaning behind each color to help you better understand how they apply to your life.

Aura colors and their meanings

Simply put, understanding your aura colors can help you play up your strengths and identify areas of improvement.

Get to know yourself on a spiritual level by learning more about the colors that show up in your aura reading. Then encourage your friends, family members and future dates to do the same, so you can see how you match up.


Red is the color of our root chakra, which is said to develop in our first seven years of life to give us the skills needed for survival and security. It makes perfect sense since Watt says people with red auras tend to be passionate, self-aware, strong and courageous — all qualities that are more natural for some than others.

“Just like in color psychology, red is all about being seen,” Merrick said. “When this is in your aura you feel safe to allow yourself to be front and center.”

If there isn't any red in your aura, Merrick says it could mean “you are working to build your confidence and reclaim your own sense of self in the spotlight.”


Orange is linked to our sacral chakra, making it a source of creativity, intimacy and self-expression. People with orange auras tend to be creative problem solvers who don’t shy away from taking risks. For that reason, Merrick says adrenaline-driven sports and activities are in their wheelhouse.

“Orange is about being brave, having the courage and showing up,” she added.

If orange is noticeably absent in your aura, it could mean that you’re looking to make a big life transition. Although you may view this change as a risk, Merrick reassures that it “will definitely pay off if you make the jump.”


Yellow is associated with our solar plexus chakra, and people with an aura in this cheery hue tend to work hard and find joy in the everyday. As Merrick puts it, they are “the sunshine we all need.”

People with yellow auras literally light up the room. "This aura is the highest frequency, and most people feel it without seeing it,” Merrick said.

According to Merrick, anyone without yellow in their aura may need to reconnect with their inner child to add playfulness to their life.


Since green is associated with the heart chakra, people with green auras love hard and work harmoniously with others. Relationships aside, they are often goal-oriented in all areas of their life, and thrive with structure and systems. "Breaking the rules is hard for you, but it’s OK to let loose every once in a while,” Merrick said.

When green is not in your aura, Merrick says it might be sign that you need to manifest something — love, a career change, friendships, anything. Make sense of what you want to happen and begin making plans because, well, that's what people with green auras do best.


Similar to green, the color pink is linked to the heart chakra. The main difference: People with pink auras don't take themselves too seriously when it comes to work — but that doesn't mean they don't work hard. They're loyal (sometimes to a fault), putting their friendships and family above all.

Merrick adds that those with pink auras tend to a be "free spirits" with "no shame over what lights them up."

If there isn't any pink in your aura whatsoever, Merrick says it could mean that you need to embrace your nurturing side or heal relationships with the people in your life. Her recommendation: lots of self-care and self-love.


A perfect blend of pink and red, magenta auras tap into someone’ spiritual side. As Watts puts it, people with magenta auras are “heart-centered, motivated, grounded and inspiring.”


Blue is related to the throat chakra, which means those with blue auras tend to be trusted friends, good communicators and truth tellers. Since they are often willing to give their time and energy to others, Merrick warns that people with blue auras should "find balance" and be "careful not to give their energy away to everyone."

But sometimes, the color is an indicator that healing is needed. "Oftentimes we see sadness as a bad thing, but it can bring us deep wisdom when you’re willing to show up and feel our feelings,” Merrick said. “Blue in your aura can be just a simple reminder that it’s time to heal.”


The color purple, often tied to royalty, is associated to the crown chakra. People with purple auras tend be visionaries, holding grand visions for not only themselves, but also for humanity as a whole. Spirituality may be important to them and they don’t take the idea of manifesting lightly. “They want nothing but to see a world where change and innovation can thrive,” Merrick said.

The presence of purple may be a sign that something big is coming your way. “Use this energy around you to create a vision for what you want next,” Merrick added. “Don’t be afraid to claim your dreams and put yourself out there."


White auras, which are technically linked to the crown chakra, are seen as a symbol of purity and heightened spirituality. According to Watts, people with white auras are "inspiring, wise, energized, positive and protective."