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/ Source: TODAY
By Tracy Saelinger

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Sick of buying new pumpkin carving tools every year — only for them to break yet again?

So were we. So, we decided to try this best-selling kit on Amazon: the 12-piece Professional Pumpkin Carving Tool Kit.

Professional Pumpkin Carving Tool Kit, 12 pieces, $14 (with clickable coupon), Amazon

The tools are stainless steel with wooden and plastic handles. Here's what they looked like out of the box:

Tracy Saelinger / TODAY

The pumpkin carving tools felt sturdy

Immediately, we were impressed. The mini saw-like tool easily cuts through the pumpkin to remove the top. And, the scraper tool actually works, unlike plastic ones we've tried. It's sturdy enough to get every last bit of stringy seeds from the inside of the squash.

This scraper tool got every last bit of gooey seeds out of our pumpkin.Tracy Saelinger / TODAY

Our one complaint was that the kit didn't come with directions, or even identify the purpose of the tools. But a quick Google search revealed which kinds of tools to use for different pumpkin carving techniques.

We tried an easy pumpkin design

We set out to recreate a fun design of a Monsters, Inc. character.

I had never done that trick where you peel away the pumpkin skin, making the remaining squash translucent when lit from behind, but I was ready to experiment. I used the tool with a wire-like peeler on one end and a scraper on the other, first outlining the area I wanted to use the scraper on.

We used the scraper tool to peel away the pumpkin skin--kind of like a dental hygienist--and the pro move was easier than we thought!Tracy Saelinger / TODAY

Once I mastered the technique, it was so satisfying. When I got to the mouth part, I kind of felt like a dental hygienist, scraping away at the teeth!

Another handy tool was the semi-circular utensil for cutting round holes. I used it to get a perfectly round pupil in the monster's eyeball.

Our monster pumpkin came out pretty cute, if we say so ourselves.Tracy Saelinger / TODAY

Bottom line: Is the kit worth it?

I was impressed with the tool kit and my finished pumpkin. Usually, I don't attempt anything fancier than a jack-o'-lantern.

These tools feel like they'll last for many Halloweens to come.

There are different sizes of kits

If you don't want as many utensils, the same brand also offers a 4-pack as well.

Professional Pumpkin Carving Tool Kit, $9, Amazon

Happy carving!

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