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4 unique Halloween decor ideas that are surprisingly easy to create

These looks are sure to have your neighbors jealous on the night of the 31st.

Halloween is just a couple weeks away, meaning you still have time to get your festive decorations in order. This year, deck out your doorway with some Halloween looks that are sure to grab the attention of trick-or-treaters on the night of the 31st.

Home expert Monica Mangin stopped by TODAY to reveal some of the year's top Halloween door decor ideas that are simple to create and surprisingly budget-friendly.

Whether you're striving for a classic look or one that will shock even the most dedicated of Halloween-enthusiasts, you'll find a style that will have the neighborhood talking for weeks.

Recreate Mangin's spooky decor ideas with the Halloween supplies below.


Every year, people continue to get more and more creative with holiday decor — but sometimes, the simplest of decorations are the best. This timeless style will work perfectly throughout the fall season and the classic look will work with almost any door.

Surround your door frame with a faux leaf garland, add a simple wreath, layer a few pumpkins around your door and finish the look with a fall-inspired doormat.


Maple Leaf Garland

This vibrant garland is easy to hang and will seriously spice up your doorway. It's 72-inches in length and comes with a variety of leaf styles to make them look extremely real.

Fall Wreath

Berry Fall Wreath

Opt for this classic wreath if you're going for a more traditional look. This one will give your home the perfect amount of fall vibes with very little effort.

Pumpkin Harvest Wreath

You can never have too many pumpkins which is why we love this pumpkin-speckled wreath. Add this piece to your door for under $20!

Faux Pumpkins

Orange Carvable Pumpkin Decor

A few things come to mind when we think of carving pumpkins: parties, friends and ... a complete mess. This one allows you to have the same amount of fun but with a lot less mess.

White Carvable Pumpkin Decor

This white pumpkin adds a unique spin on your classic orange and black Halloween theme. It can be painted, carved or simply put out on your doorstep as another addition to your fall-themed front porch.

Door Mat

Hey Pumpkin Doormat

Snag this cheerful doormat to welcome guests into your next Halloween or Thanksgiving get-together. It's so cute, you'll want to walk right around it!

Trellis Orange Shag Door Mat

This doormat is perfect for apartments or any indoor room that requires a little extra holiday character. You can currently get it for under $13 — a price that's far from spooky.


Looking for a creepy spin on your basic door decor? Look no further than the poison apple trend.

You'll need a wreath adorned with apples, a scrap of wood for a DIY "apples for sale" sign and some witches legs to put under your door or in a pot. Complete the look with a basket of faux apples wherever you need to fill some space.

Faux Apples

Decorative Red Apple Set

We don't recommend decorating with fresh produce, but these faux apples look real enough that you might want to take a bite.

Decorative Green Apple Set

Set out these granny smith apples to add a pop of color to your doorstep. Put them in a small basket to give your home an orchard-inspired look.

Witch Legs

Halloween Witch Legs

Mangin loves these witch legs that can be placed in a potted plant. The plastic stake on the bottom makes inserting them into the ground an easy process so you can move onto the rest of your autumn decor.

Apple Wreath

Magnolia Apple Wreath

Keep up with the apple theme by hanging this wreath on your door. If you act now, you can get this must-have piece for almost 20% off.

Wood Basket

Wood Basket

This wooden basket is extremely versatile — and we think it's perfect for our apple bucket.


Turn to the internet and you'll see that "Frankenstein" is one of the most searched (and loved) monsters to date. In fact, searches on Pinterest are up over 299% this year!

If you have a green front door — you're in luck! If not, you can use butcher paper or a plastic table cover to achieve the look. You'll also want to get some foam craft sheets and adhesive strips to make eyes and other Frankenstein features. Use kitchen bowls or other household objects to trace your shapes.

Foam Craft Sheets

Wonderfoam Foam Sheet

If you've ever helped your child with a school project, you've likely purchased these foam craft sheets. They come in multiple colors so that you can get creative with all sorts of decorations for the 31st.

Adhesive Strips

3M Command Poster Strips

These adhesive strips are exceptionally helpful for decorating. Each strip holds one pound of weight so you'll likely only need one strip for each piece of foam.

Door Mat

Home with the Heart Doormat

Keep the neighborhood dirt and grime outside with this adorable doormat. It currently has over 330 reviews and a 4.8-star rating.


This design will give your doorway a creepy vibe all month long — plus, it's super easy to create. Snag a ball of white yarn from the store to make the main spider web. To really give it a believable look, double up on the yarn to make a nest and purchase some mini spiders to layer beside it.

Add some extra character with faux webbing and get ready to receive some jealous looks from all your neighbors!

Giant Web

White Spider Web Halloween Décor

Create an authentic-looking spider haven with this super stretch web. One pack covers over 800-square feet of space so you'll certainly have enough for your doorway.

Yarn Bee Yarn Roll

You can buy giant webs online, but this affordable option is actually pretty easy to create. Make sure you buy a couple of rolls — one for the web and one for the spider's nest.

Faux Spiders

Hairy Spider Halloween Decoration

The flashing red eyes on this giant spider are enough to make us want to turn the other way. Currently, this creepy crawler is on sale for 17% off.

Black and Orange Tip Spiders

When there's a mama spider, there are likely babies. Construct a nest on your giant web and place these little guys all over it for a chilling Halloween theme.

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