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/ Source: TODAY
By Julie Pennell

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Orange and black for Halloween is so yesterday. A new color trend for the spooky holiday? Pink and pastels!

According to a new report from Pinterest, searches for “pink Halloween” are up 221% this year over last. And “pastel Halloween” is close behind with an increase in searches of 164%.

Who would've thought that pink works great for Halloween?Kara Whitten/ A Kailo Chic Life

The trend has been slowly becoming more mainstream over the years, thanks to lifestyle bloggers who think outside the box. Kara Whitten, who runs A Kailo Chic Life, is one of them. The Austin, Texas, resident opted for a nontraditional pink-and-black Halloween party last year.

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“I hadn't seen a party quite like this before, but I love that it still gives off a Halloween vibe in a fresh new way,” she told TODAY Home. “Besides, who doesn't love pink? The guests loved it.”

Whitten created this planter by painting a black pumpkin candle pink to make it fit her decor.Kara Whitten/ A Kailo Chic Life

Her decor consisted of pink and black balloons, mirrored disco balls, a neon bat cake topper and a DIY pink pumpkin planter.

Companies are also getting in on the trend of sweet pastels for the spooky holiday. Halloween lifestyle blogger Ashli Ghoul, who runs the blog Halloween Herbivore, spotted a whole pastel Halloween display at an At Home store in Pearland, Texas.

More and more Halloween-themed decor products are being offered in softer shades, like these pretty pastel skull candles from Ember Candle Co.

But if you want to DIY your own pink or pastel Halloween decor, there are plenty of inspiration pictures out there.

Bethany Patterson of Dallas, who runs the Instagram account @thepinkhutch, decorated with pink for Halloween and said she thinks nontraditional decor is becoming more popular because we've seen the same traditional colors over and over again every year.

"When we see someone doing something different, it's not only refreshing but it encourages us to pursue our own imagination," she said. "Pink sparks a lot of joy for me."

Obviously, the traditional orange-and-black palette for Halloween isn’t going anywhere, but this new trend is definitely making some colorful waves.