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Amazon Prime Day is offering steep discounts on the Tile Pro

Save big on this tiny gadget
Tile Pro and Tile Slim are the best Bluetooth trackers
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I know the moment my husband has misplaced something: He stops in his tracks, stares off into space, and darts his eyes back and forth trying to recall his last five steps. He frantically pats himself down from head to toe, he searches his backpack, various coats and kitchen drawers. All while yelling out, “Has anyone seen my wallet? I lost my wallet. Where is my wallet?!”

He moves from calm to full-blown panic in seconds recounting all the places he may have left it. “Did I leave it on the train? No wait, maybe I left it at work? Starbucks?”

Then, he starts blaming myself and our children: “Every time you pick up the house I lose something! You kids are always moving my stuff around!"

I suggested he use a man purse (he adamantly refused). Then, I threatened to duct tape his wallet, cell phone, keys and glasses to his forehead. The "Has anyone seen my ..." meltdowns became more than a once-weekly occurrence, sending our family into a tailspin.

I adore my husband. After 20 years, I still liken my marriage to a sleepover with my hairy best friend every night — but I actually started to question, “When did my typically chill husband become such a spaz?” Was I really looking for a divorce? No, but I was thirsty for a solution.

It all changed when searching for the perfect birthday gift for the man who has everything at Home Depot. I came across an end cap with a product called Tile.

Tile Pro

Tile is a small tracking device that you place on an item that you don't want to lose. It works via Bluetooth with an app on a phone or tablet. When a Tile is within a certain amount of distance you can hear the alarm and locate your misplaced item on the app and locate it!

It was literally a lightbulb moment! Why didn’t I think of this before? This would soon prove to be life-changing.

There are currently 4 different Tiles available. I bought a few, one for each of the four items my husband regularly misplaces.

First, we started with the Tile Slim which is a card-like tracker that slips into his wallet along with his credit cards. I shudder remembering the time my husband left his wallet in the front pocket of his seat aboard Southwest airlines. He didn’t realize it went missing until we were at the baggage claim!

Tile Slim

This one is his most favorite as it saved him more than a few times the hassle of replacing his license and credit cards.

Carey Reilly

The second device was the Tile Sticker which is a small, round tracker that literally sticks to anything and is waterproof. It also has an impressive three-year battery life. He placed the Tile Sticker on his eyeglasses case to make sure he always has his readers with him.

Tile Sticker

The third item was the Tile Pro which is a bit more rugged than the classic Tile Mate and can be used up to 400 feet away. The Pro went on his key ring which reminded me of the time he found his only spare truck keys buried deep in the kitchen trash can. (My daughter had been cleaning and accidentally pushed them into the garbage.)

If we had known about the Tile, it could have saved us the dirty job of digging through the trash cans on the side of our house.

The Tile products also act as a two-in-one as they also help him locate his phone via the tiny gadget. He just has to push the button on any Tile device linked to the app on his phone, which sends a signal that makes it ring even when it's in silent mode. (Users who pair with an iPad can locate their tablet the same way.)

Carey Reilly

The Tile batteries also last anywhere from one to three years — some can be replaced and others you can replace yourself.

These devices are now a permanent birthday present given to my husband every year. It’s a small price to pay for the gift of my family's sanity.

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