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This facial wand fades dark marks and makes my skin look smoother than ever

It feels like a nightly facial!
Courtesy Shannon Garlin

If there's one way to describe me, it would be skin care-obsessed, so much so that I would call it a "healthy hobby." As I get older, I find my routine is growing more extravagant, and that might be because I've been noticing signs of damage, whether that's from worshipping the sun in college, picking at acne marks, or a variety of other skin faux pas that I'm guilty of. So when all the buzz came out about red light therapy, I was more than intrigued! But the one thing that held me back from hopping on the bandwagon was the hefty price tag that came with it; some LED masks will set you back hundreds of dollars.

However, there was one trending device that fell on the more affordable end that I had my eye on: The Solawave. The celeb-loved facial wand was popping up all over social media, and if you search #solawavewand on TikTok, you'll see the hashtag has around 1.4 million views. So, last year, when the brand reached out to Shop TODAY to send a few of their facial wands to try, I immediately raised my hand. And more recently, I got to try Solawave's latest launch: The Radiant Renewal Skincare Wand.

Solawave Radiant Renewal Skincare Wand

What is the Solawave facial wand?

According to the brand, this facial wand (particularly the newest launch) has a plethora of skin benefits thanks to its red light therapy technology, galvanic currents and a therapeutic warming massage. Each technology provides a specific benefit:

  • Red light therapy: The brand says red light therapy can help with concerns such as fine lines, dark circles and even acne. When used frequently the LED lights can help fade the appearance of these concerns and leave your skin glowing in a matter of two weeks.
  • Galvanic current: If you haven't heard of this cosmic-sounding term, it's a form of micro therapy that can help your skin absorb serums and moisturizers better, according to the brand.
  • Warming facial massage: This device gently vibrates and creates a warming effect. I found it to be extremely relaxing and felt like the products were melting into my face. Plus, the brand says the low vibrations and heat can help decrease any skin puffiness.

It's so easy to use

I've been using the original Solawave wand for almost a year now and it's easily become one of my favorite parts of my nighttime routine. After I complete my entire skin care routine, I love cozying up on my couch and gliding the device all over my face while I catch up on my favorite shows. The warming effect and gentle vibrations feel like I'm getting a nightly facial massage.

Solawave 4-in-1 Facial Wand

Since my main areas of concern are fading dark marks from post-acne spots and smoothing out (and hopefully preventing) fine lines, I follow the product suggestions and gently glide the wand upwards using long strokes, giving extra attention to my chin where I experience acne, and then my under eyes and forehead where I notice fine lines. Depending on how much time or energy I have, I use it about three to five nights a week, anywhere between five to 20 minutes at a time!

The brand suggests using the activating serum to help boost results; I use this occasionally but depending on where I am at in my "skin cycling" routine, I will use my own favorite serums and moisturizers. However, I love how hydrating this serum makes my skin feel. It has hyaluronic acid and aloe vera as the main ingredients and a few drops go a long way. I like to use it to replace my normal hyaluronic acid serum on days that I know I'm going to use my facial wand.

Solawave Renew Complex Activating Serum

Does the Solawave work?

I would say — yes! Since I started using the facial wand last spring, I noticed that my skin looks overall smoother and if I do get blemishes, it helps fade the dark spots quickly. I will say that I don't notice the fine lines fading completely, but after using it, my face looks less tired and more plump, which makes them less noticeable in my opinion. And in my experience, the more I use it, the faster I noticed my results.

While I just received the new Renewal Skincare wand about two weeks ago, it is safe to say this new version has replaced my original one in my routine. One of my favorite features of the new launch is the on/off button. The original design has a neat feature where it automatically turns on at the touch of your skin, but I like how this new option gives me more control and it doesn't turn off when I lift it to change sections. This new one also has more LED lights than the original, which makes me think it's working faster and better! And one of the best upgrades? It comes with a travel case so you can safely store it and keep up with your skin care routine when you're on vacation, which I will definitely be doing on my next trip.

If you're anything like me and a little intimidated by the cost of beauty tools but still want to advance your skin care routine, I'll be the first to say that both Solawave options are worth the hype — and they're certainly a more affordable place to start, too.