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An expert shares 5 beauty trends to look out for in 2024 — plus 27 TikTok-loved products to shop now

From affordable body scrubs to highly pigmented blushes, we agree that the social media platform is onto something.

It’s a new year, which means a shift in beauty trends is upon us. In order to stay in the loop, there's one social media platform you can usually turn to for inspiration: TikTok. It can feel like a treasure trove, especially when it comes to the aforementioned beauty tips — it doesn't take long for these kinds of videos to take off on the app, some practically overnight.

But if your "For You" page hasn't directed you towards current popular beauty trends circulating on TikTok right now, Cosmopolitan Beauty Editor at Large Julee Wilson joined TODAY to share some of her predictions for what will take off this year. The trends she included are some that you want to keep your eyes on in 2024, along with products that'll help you achieve the look. Plus, we included some other viral products across social media that you'll want to give a try, too.

Below, check out the latest beauty trends and TikTok beauty products that you'll want to give a try for yourself.

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2024 beauty trends seen on TODAY

TREND: Colored Mascara

Ashunta Sheriff Beauty UV Vegan Mascara

"We can’t let eyeshadow have all the fun," says Wilson. "I love that more and more brands are offering vibrant hued mascaras to show off a new kind of statement eye." Experiment with colored mascara this year, especially this pick from Ashunta Sheriff Beauty. The vegan UV mascara comes in various neon shades that claim to be water-proof and long-wearing.  

TREND: Scalp Health

Curlmix Scalp Massager

"We need to start thinking of our scalps as an extension of our skin care," suggests Wilson. "In order to have healthy, thriving hair we need to start with our scalp." Wilson recommends this massager to start, which is a vibrating, hand-held tool that promises to stimulate the scalp and promote hair growth. It can be used in the shower as you shampoo or condition, or outside the shower to prep your scalp for product. 

TREND: Body Skin Care

Dove Serum Glow Recharge Body Wash

"Step up your body care routine with lotions and potions that are souped up with amazing actives — and use tools that will help them do their magic, recommends Wilson." To start, begin with this serum-infused Dove body wash. One of Williams’ favorites out of the launch is the Glow Recharge, which is filled with a “3% brightening system” and vitamin C to illuminate, exfoliate and even the skin tone. "It also has an amazing tropical fragrance that is a full mood for my shower," she raves.

Keys Soulcare Dry Brush

"Beyond lymphatic drainage benefits, [dry brushing] helps give you radiant skin because you’re consistently exfoliating dead skin cells off your body in a gently thoughtful way," explains Wilson. But to achieve all of that and more starts with a good dry brush. For instance, this one from Keys Soulcare. The brush is crafted from vegan and cruelty-free bristles to feel soft on the body, and has a stretchy handle for seamless brushing. 

TREND: Peach Fuzz

Olive & June Wild & Free Long Lasting Polish

If you haven’t heard yet, 2024 is the year of the color peach fuzz. To celebrate the shade, showcase your admiration with your nails. "Not only does it lean into the still super relevant Barbie-core and Ballet-core trends, but there’s a shade of peach for everyone," claims Wilson. This polish from Olive & June is a vibrant, simple to apply/remove, durable-like gel and stays on for up to 10 days, according to the brand. "[It] is a great way to have a little fun with nail color and get out of your comfort zone of a ballet pink or bold red."

Olive & June Kag Glue Press-Ons

Olive and June also has these fun press-on nails, in a similar peach color, "if you’re looking for a fast, easy manicure on the go," recommends Wilson. They should last up to 14 days, based on its description, depending on care. The press-ons also come in various lengths and shapes, such as short, long, round and almond, for you to play with.

TREND: High Gloss Everything

Relevant Beauty Rele-Kiss Moisture-Wrap Lip Gloss 

"Matte lips, matte everything has been big for so long, but it’s time to get your shine on," says Wilson. "Slick lips, glass skin and hair should all be on your radar and you!" She especially loves this glossy option from Relevant Beauty as the pigment is like a beautiful paint on the lips, and the shine is all you want in a lip gloss: alluring, plumping and non-sticky.

TikTok beauty products seen on TODAY

NewBeauty Senior Editor-At-Large Sarah Eggenberger previously joined the 3rd hour of TODAY to break down a few products, along with some tips on how to use them.

Keys Soulcare Sage + Oat Milk Calming Candle

Just like the flickering of their wick, the smell of a candle should be warm and inviting. Take this Keys Soulcare candle, for instance. Thanks to the mixture of sage and oat milk, the delicate aroma is said to welcome a soothing and relaxing experience. Based on the reviews, this scent is light and not overwhelming.

Repêchage Dry Body Brush

Your first thought might be: "What IS dry brushing?" In essence, dry brushing is an exfoliating technique that helps to remove dead skin cells, leaving the skin smoother and softer. Except, it must be done on dry skin. To assist, a dry brush — like the one above — can help guide you during your exfoliation. If you're a beginner, the bristles on this brush are described as firm yet gentle.

Esker Shower Steamer Set

This set promises to surround you with aromatherapy with just a single step. Instead of tossing the tablet on the shower floor, the tablets rest on the included(!) marble holder as they work their magic. To activate, simply turn on your shower and welcome the botanical oasis.

Briogeo Micro-Exfoliating Shampoo

For healthy hair, it all starts at the scalp. One way to treat your scalp and get rid of all of product build-up is through a scalp scrub. One TikTok viral (and award-winning!) scrub is this one from Briogeo. According to the brand, this scrub gently exfoliates the scalp "to reduce flakes and detoxify congested hair follicles" while hydrating and moisturizing. Your scalp should feel squeaky-clean after using this weekly.

Tree Hut Sugar Scrub

Among TikTok users and Amazon reviewers (it currently has 4.7 stars from over 92,000 reviews!), this affordable sugar scrub is worth all the hype. It doesn't break the bank; it isn't harsh on the skin; and thanks to its inclusion of shea butter, it's impressively nourishing, too. But, the sweet scents are the cherry on top, such as vanilla, mango, coconut lime and rose.

Nécessaire The Body Wash in Sandalwood

Nécessaire's body wash is labeled as a "multi-vitamin cleanser" that's non-stripping, non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic. Here are some of the ingredients that might contribute to that: niacinamide, plant oils and plant surfactants. Together, the brand says the three help to support the skin barrier while gentle cleansing.

Natori Plush Sherpa Robe

We can imagine this plush robe feels just as cozy as it looks (based on what we've read, the rumors are true!). Featuring two front pockets and an adjustable waist belt, this robe should move with you as you complete your post-showering routine and other tasks.

Editor's note: Here's another recommended pick seen on the show.

Natori Velvet Robe

Comfortable yet flattering, this velvet robe looks chic and feels luxurious during wear. Plus, it has pockets, which is always a huge draw for us.

More viral beauty products seen on the 3rd hour

Mario Badescu Facial Spray

According to the brand, this cult-favorite facial mist is infused with rosewater and aloe, which are meant to add hydration and give your skin an energizing boost. For the best absorption, Eggenberger suggests spritzing this when your skin is still damp.

Avene Retrinal 0.05 Cream

According to the brand, this cream is formulated with retinaldehyde and vitamin E to help reduce the appearance of fine lines, while also firming and smoothing the skin.

+Lux Unfiltered No12 Bronzing Face Drops

Eggenberger says this antioxidant-infused and fragrance-free option allows you to completely customize your glow. And applying is easy: You just add two to six drops to your daily moisturizer, depending on how deep you'd like your tan to appear, says the brand.

Coola Organic Refreshing Water Hydration Stick SPF 50

TikTok has turned to this option by Coola; it offers both hydration and broad-spectrum coverage, according to the brand. Coola also notes that this sunscreen stick is formulated with hyaluronic acid, aloe and coconut water, and it can be used on every skin type.

Color Wow Dream Coat Supernatural Spray

One product that can really help achieve this look is this bestselling and viral keratin treatment. Eggenberger says you can apply the lightweight formula before blow-drying, and it will leave your hair looking frizz-free and feeling silky and smooth.

NYX Professional Makeup Ultimate Queen Shadow Palette

This Allure Best of Beauty 2022 winner can be used to create a variety of eye looks, but its warm tones make it perfect for pulling off a nude "siren eye." It features 16 highly-pigmented shades that range from matte to metallic.

E.l.f. Cosmetics Smudge Brush

This nifty brush can smudge, smooth and blend colors on your eyes, which helps make for a more defined look.

E.l.f. Cosmetics Fluffy Eye Blender Brush

Thanks to its soft bristles, this brush can be used to blur the edges of your eyeshadow for a softer look, the brand says.

E.l.f. Cosmetics Satin Eyeliner Pen

This waterproof eyeliner can help your dramatic eye look last for hours. Cruel selected both the Coffee and black shades to pull off the trend.

Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Liquid Blush

This blush went viral on TikTok for its feel and pigmented look. It comes in a total of 11 shades and in two different finishes: Matte and radiant.

Rare Beauty Liquid Touch Brightening Concealer

The complement to the Rare Beauty blush, this liquid concealer offers medium coverage and a lightweight feel that lends it well to blending.

Original BeautyBlender Makeup Sponge

To blend the concealer and blush, Cruel recommends this top-rated makeup sponge. You can use both ends to apply the product and perfect your look.

NYX Professional Makeup Sweet Cheeks Creamy Powder Blush Glow

If you want a pop of color and a glowy finish, Cruel recommends this blush. It comes in traditional tones that can complement a range of skin tones and makeup looks.

NYX Professional Makeup Pro Powder Brush

This full brush can be used to apply powders with a few light sweeps.

Sephora Collection Eyelash Curler

This universal eyelash curler is the star of this hack. It features ergonomic handles and includes two replacement pads.

Sephora Collection Pro Eye Liner Brush #22

This thin, angled brush can be used to line your eyes. Since the bristles are short and firm, you may find it easier to define your eyes.

Sephora Collection Pro Crease Brush #26

Thanks to its long bristles, this brush can be used to shade and contour larger areas around your eye, including your brow bones and crease area. According to the brand, it can also be used for all-over blending and diffusing of eyeshadow.

Conair Self Grip Assorted Hair Rollers

Conair's affordable rollers come in a set of 31, so you can create a range of salon-worthy looks with different textures. According to the brand, they don't require pins or clips to stay in place.

Drybar High Tops Self-Grip Rollers

Drybar's top-rated rollers come in two different sizes and can be used on all hair types, the brand says. For the best results, Drybar recommends leaving them in for up to 15 minutes on warm hair, after a blowout.

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