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11 cool Sharper Image Father's Day gifts in 2021

Including a few internet-loved finds.
Daniella Musacchio and her dad bqqing with their Sharper Image thermometer, Man floating on a pool with a motorized pool float, and a dad golfing with sunglasses
yacobchuk / Getty Images / Courtesy Daniella Musacchio / Courtesy Sharper Image

Whether the dad in your life loves all things high-tech or is constantly on the search for simple solutions, he likely won't turn to the internet to find the problem-solving products he needs. Sharper Image has been home to what-would-be-viral products since before the days of the internet, so if you're looking for gift-worthy items to make his Father's Day, you'll likely find them there.

Products at Sharper Image, though helpful, can often be a bit luxurious — with a price tag to match. Luckily, you won't have to splurge this year in order to grab a Father's Day gift that he's sure to love. Shop TODAY has a special offer for our readers looking for the best Father's Day presents this year, for every kind of dad.

Through June 20, you can save 20% sitewide at Sharper Image when you use the code TODAYSHOW20 at checkout. Whether you're just getting your gift search started or need one last present to seal the deal, we rounded up some of the best picks below — including a few that have even gone viral on TikTok.

From a pool lounger that will upgrade his relaxation game to a unique pair of glasses specifically designed for the golf course, read on for all of the popular finds worth gifting this year.

Cool Father's Day gifts from Sharper Image

Sharper Image Motorized Pool Lounger

Why float around when he can drive around in the pool? This lounger features motors and propellers that can pick up speed and push him around the lake or the pool with the use of joystick controllers. The top-rated pick is made from durable PVC and also features a headrest and cup holder.

Sharper Image Advanced Anti-Snore Pillow

The unique design of this pillow helps keep the neck and jaw aligned, helping to keep air passageways open and as a result, reduce snoring. It's made from a ventilated, cooling memory foam that will keep him comfortable, and might finally let Mom sleep without ear plugs in.

Sharper Image Cordless Deep Tissue Massage Gun

Whether he lives an active lifestyle or just needs a solution for stiff and sore muscles, this high-tech massage gun will make the perfect gift. It's a gadget that's gotten some love on TikTok from users that say it's needed for relaxation, and it even holds a near-perfect 4.9-star rating from Sharper Image shoppers.

Sharper Image Home Theater Projector with DVD Player

Whether he's a film fanatic or can't wait for family movie nights, this projector will change the way he watches at home. It can project DVDs onto walls or other flat surfaces, but you can also plug in a memory card, cable box, game console or even a flash drive (so you can re-watch home videos over and over again to your own horror).

Sharper Image Golf Ball Finding Glasses

Golf balls are often expensive, so losing a few out on the green might be the worst part of his golfing days. These nifty glasses are made with a special blue lens, which can filter out anything light against a dark background, making it easy to spot his golf balls on the course.

Sharper Image Digital BBQ Fork

If he can't wait to fire up the grill this summer, he'll appreciate this cool gadget. Thanks to an instant-read thermometer, he'll be able to ensure that every hot dog and every burger are cooked to perfection. The screen will start reading once the temperature hits above 113 degrees and it even features a built-in flashlight, so he can use it for late night grilling.

Sharper Image Heated Full Body Massage Mat

With this massage mat, he can bring the comfort of a massage chair with him nearly anywhere he goes. It operates on seven different vibration modes and has an optional heat setting, so he can adjust the mat based on how long of a day he's had.

Sharper Image Lost Item Locator (Pack of 3)

If "Where are my keys?" can be heard daily in your house, these innovative trackers might help solve the issue at hand. They use Bluetooth technology to keep track of keys, bags and more and sync with an app on his phone, so he can find everything he needs to leave the house in a matter of minutes.

Sharper Image Beverage Base with Wireless Charging

Whether he needs a cup of coffee in the morning in his home office and then a cold beer in the afternoon, this heating and cooling gadget has him covered. It comes with its own mug that can hold hot beverages and a smart sensor that knows when to keep cans cold. The best part? It features a wireless charging pad, so he can keep his phone charged while getting his morning or afternoon boost.

Sharper Image Portable Reclining Stadium Seat

For the dad, uncle or grandpa who would never miss a sporting event, this reclining stadium seat is a game-changer. His back will be thanking you for this portable seat that features high density foam padding and six different reclining positions. Thanks to adjustable straps, he can bring it anywhere, from the stadium to the beach.

Sharper Image Cordless Shoulder Heat Therapy Wrap

Thanks to far infrared technology, this shoulder wrap can alleviate shoulder pain and tension at least three-inches deep. It can operate for as long as four hours on a full charge, delivering pain-melting heat with four different settings.

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