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Sam's Club curbside pickup: Get $45 off your first purchase

Keep date night on the calendar with Sam's Club pick-up
TODAY Illustration / Courtesy Terri Peters

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While we’re spending weeknights cooking dinners and juggling kids’ bedtime routines, my husband and I try to make time for each other. But with the busy holiday season and our normal to-do lists, one of the first things to get pushed aside is our weekly date night.

As our kids have gotten older, we’ve hit a bit of a sweet spot: One evening each week, both kids have a recurring activity that leaves my husband and I with a few precious hours of kid-free time. We try to keep those hours sacred, only using them for connecting over dinner together. But sometimes, it’s tempting to run a few errands during those peaceful hours as well.

How Pickup at Sam’s Club Works

Last week, we tried combining the two, placing a curbside pickup at our local Sam’s Club for a few grocery staples, like protein shakes and sparkling water, that we always grab at Sam’s Club. Since Sam’s is offering same day pickup for all members right now and $45 towards your first purchase, it seemed a no-brainer to grab our household essentials before heading to our date night dinner.

The morning of our date night, I hopped onto the Sam’s Club app and placed my order. There’s no minimum purchase required to place a curbside order at Sam’s, so the few items we were running low on were all I needed to buy to have our groceries brought to our car in a contact-free experience.

I chose a pickup time that evening, and when date night arrived, I had already received a notification from the Sam’s Club app letting me know my order was ready. We knew we were in good shape to pull up quickly at Sam’s Club for our groceries, then head to dinner.

Terri simply notified the club that she was there through the Sam's Club app. A store associate quickly brought their groceries outside, loaded them into the back of the car and closed the door.Terri Peters

Sam’s Club curbside pickup

And it worked like a charm: Upon pulling into a designated parking space at Sam’s Club, I simply notified the club that we were there through the Sam’s Club app. A store associate quickly brought our groceries outside, loaded them into the back of my car and closed the door. We were on our way to dinner, with plenty of time to spare.

We spent our date night catching up on our days and drinking margaritas instead of shopping the aisles of Sam’s Club for the items we needed. It was kid-free heaven, and it was a good feeling knowing I’d also crossed an errand off my to-do list for the week.

The next morning, I had protein shakes in my refrigerator for breakfast and had one less thing I needed to accomplish that day.

Join Sam's Club for $45, get $45 off your first purchase

Sometimes adulting means putting aside the fun to make sure your household runs smoothly, but thanks to Sam’s Club we didn’t have to. And if you want a piece of the action, you can get $45 off your first in-club purchase when you become a member for $45. But be sure to do it soon, since this offer ends Jan. 31, 2021.

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