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11 detachable collars to make work from home fashion fun

Look presentable on the fly.
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When it comes to work-from-home outfits, it can be really easy to fall into the trap of popping a blazer over the solid colored T-shirt you’ve been wearing for several days in a row before hopping into a Zoom meeting. While this likely passes the “my boss is on, so I need to look professional and put together” test, there are a few ways to add a little more style and flair to your WFH uniform.

One foolproof solution to make a statement with your outfit is with a detachable shirt collar. They look like a classic blouse or button-down shirt on the outside, but you could actually just pop it onto your neck before you throw on a sweater, dress or another shirt.

The best thing about faux collars are the infinite possibilities they bring. Buying just a few different designs can help any boring black dress become something you might see Anna Wintour wearing at Paris Fashion Week or Blair Waldorf hanging out on the steps at the Met.

The Shop TODAY team has rounded up 11 detachable shirt collars and half blouses that are sure to make any work-from-home outfit a little more fashion-forward.

Stylish detachable shirt collars

1. Joyci Chic Lady's Fake Collar Diamond Crystal Half Blouse

This black half blouse has a fully embellished collar with multicolored crystals and beads that look like different types of flowers. The $14 price tag makes this piece one that’s not only great with multiple items that might already be in your closet, but you won’t break the bank buying it, either.

2. YAKEFJ Women’s Peter Pan Detachable Shirt

The embroidery on this detachable shirt is super delicate and pretty. The floral design is particularly perfect for adding a little pop of spring and summer to plain dresses.

3. Vpang Detachable Blouse False Collar

A true detachable Peter Pan collar is what you’re getting here. The black lace actually looks like small flowers. We would wear this with a brightly colored T-shirt or dress to add an edgy flair to your outfit.

4. Vpang Stylish Detachable Half Shirt Blouse

Big bows are a major style trend, and adding one to our outfit is something we can definitely get behind. This detachable collar is a nice option because you can make the bow as big or as small as you want and have it hanging out over your top layer of clothes.

5. Charmgirl Women Girls Fake Collar

We’re getting some Harry Styles vibes from this detachable collar with fake pearls and a wide bow. The black fabric is super chic and would go with almost any item you want to add a unique edge to.

6. Lemon Day Detachable Lapel Shirt

Grab this out of your closet just before a meeting and channel your inner Ruth Bader Ginsberg! The lace is super feminine and the collar clips together with a lobster clasp like a necklace. And, at just $9, this detachable collar is a bargain.

7. Cheriky Detachable Lapel Shirt with Peter Pan Choker Necklace

The front closure of this collar makes this a good one to wear when you want to wear your hair up, or if you have a cute pixie cut. The collar is fully done all the way around, which will help polish off any outfit.

8. Langugu Women's Stylish Detachable Half Shirt

The beaded design on this collar is super fun and reminds us of fireworks. The silver beads could add that final bit of sparkle an outfit needs before hopping on an important work call.

9. Charmgirl Detachable Lapel Rhinestone Crystal Pearl Blouse

Rhinestones and fake pearls are abundant on this detachable shirt collar. The white collar and black bow are a fun addition to an otherwise boring outfit.

10. Vicooda Women's Detachable Fake Collar

Delicate, flowery lace and pretty gem embellishments are combined into this stylish collar from Vicooda. Pair this with any solid color for an outfit worthy of everyone’s attention.

11. NZND False Collar Blouse

This simple white lace collar is a great addition to any wardrobe. It can be mixed and matched with just about anything and is super affordable at just under $13.

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