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12 best oven mitts and pot holders every kitchen needs

These picks can handle the heat — literally.
Illustration of a Man making dinner wearing oven gloves and Cooking Wok filled with a steamy dish
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If you’re getting amped for peak grilling season or just want to give your kitchen gear a bit of a refresh, you may want to purchase new oven mitts. When you’re cooking at home more than ever, you’ll want a stylish and protective way to bake, roast, broil or grill your meats, vegetables, fish and other delectable dishes and sides.

Shop TODAY found oven mitts that will not only match your home’s aesthetic, but are extremely functional. From buzzworthy brands like Caraway to reliable standbys like KitchenAid and OXO, these mitts can handle the heat — literally.

Top-rated oven mitts and pot holders

1. The 'Ove' Glove

Ever wish your oven mitts were more...glove-y? Perfect for barbecues or bringing a hot skillet from the stovetop to your table, the 'Ove' Glove can withstand up to 540 degrees of heat. Their non-slip silicone finger grips enable you to grab hot items with ease.

2. KitchenAid Cotton Beacon Oven Mitts

These are perfect if you love the heat protection of a fully silicone oven mitt but like the look of a classic cloth mitt. It’s made of a heat-resistant, machine-washable cotton, and the silicone pad at the front ensures a hot pan won’t slip out of your hands. It comes in five colorways and features a loop to hang them when not in use.

3. OXO Good Grips Silicone Oven Mitt

These sleek mitts from OXO are made of steam-, heat-, flame- and stain-resistant silicone. They also have a long arm cuff that fits well so your forearms are protected. Plus, there’s added heat protection at potential points of contact like the thumb area.

4. Marimekko Unikko Oven Mitten

Marimekko’s prints are so joyful, who wouldn’t want to wear them while cooking? They’re made of 100% cotton, can withstand up to 482 degrees of heat and can be displayed in your kitchen via a hanging loop.

5. Mu Kitchen Veggies Oven Mitt and Pot Holder Set

We love the colors and patterns on this oven mitt and pot holder set. They’re lined with terry cloth for comfort and additional heat protection, and the pot holder is partially made of heat-resistant silicone.

6. Mu Kitchen Pineapple Oven Mitt Set

This set contains two mitts in a delightful summery pineapple print. These also boast a terry cloth lining, are made of a durable herringbone weave, are machine-washable and made of 100% cotton for premium comfort.

7. Caraway Home Oven Mitts

You may know Caraway from their Instagrammable cookware, but they also make attractive oven mitts with a vintage vibe. The set of two are made with a super soft, stain-resistant cotton material. They also have an average customer review of 4.8 stars with over 600 reviews so far.

8. Star Wars "The Mandalorian" The Child Kitchen Set

Fans of “Star Wars” or the adorable Grogu (Baby Yoda for the uninitiated) will love this quilted oven mitt and pot holder set. We bet you’ll admire Grogu’s smiling face while the mitt is on your hand or hanging from the attached loop.

9. Anthropologie Nathalie Lete Helena Oven Mitt

This mitt’s floral print, created by French designer Nathalie Lete, will have you feeling spring-y all year round. The machine washable mitts are made with a durable cotton and are available as a set with a matching apron. Too cute!

10. Flour Shop Adult Oven Mitt

Williams Sonoma teamed up with trendy NYC bakery The Flour Shop to create this absolutely joyful oven mitt. It’s made of sustainable cotton twill, lined with terry cloth and equipped with colorful silicone stripes.

11. Food52 Five Two Oven Mitt Set

Food52 is meticulous about developing their products and it shows in this mitt set. From magnets so they’ll stick to any metal oven, platinum-grade silicone that can withstand 650 degrees of heat, to low-pilling terry-lined cotton materials, you’ll know no detail was spared in making you stylish and functional oven mitts.

12. Urban Outfitters Butterfly Oven Mitt

We fell in love with this 100% cotton oven mitt that’s shaped like a butterfly and has a lovely, unique bohemian print. With an average of 4.9 stars, customers praised its high quality and thoughtful construction. You can even fold the mitt out and use it as a trivet for pots and pans, as well.

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