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The brand behind the viral Always Pan just released the next kitchen must-have

Our Place just released new, Instagram-worthy meal prep essentials.
Our Place, the brand behind the Always Pan, just released even more Instagram-worthy kitchen essentials.
Our Place, the brand behind the Always Pan, just released even more Instagram-worthy kitchen essentials.

The Always Pan from Our Place has sold out 10 times since it debuted in 2020 and even made our list of the best non-stick pans on the market for 2021.

And now the brand that had practically everyone on the internet snatching up the $145 pan just released two just as buzz-worthy products: A knife set and cutting board.

The brand is calling the release it's "biggest launch since their sold-out bestselling pan." The new items — a chef's knife, serrated slicing knife, pairing knife and walnut cutting board — are affordable picks for anyone looking to tap into the Our Place hype without as much of a splurge. Or, you can shop them in bundles, if you just can't resist.

Aesthetics aside, Our Place says that the knives and cutting board weren't just designed to look pretty. The brand interviewed home chefs to identify the problems they experience with kitchen knives and come up with solutions.

"But the biggest problem [co-founder and co-CEO Shiza Shahid] and her team set out to solve was that most home-cooks don't know how to hold a knife correctly - which makes using a knife so much harder. So, Our Place did what they do best: solving problems through creative design," a spokesperson for Our Place told Shop TODAY via email.

To solve this, the brand created each knife with ergonomic grooved handles that help show users how to grip the knife properly and "feels like an extension of your hand," Our Place shared.

The chic cutting board was also created with the home chef in mind. The dual-sided board eliminates your need for a separate serving dish. You can prep on one side and then flip it to the clean side for serving.

Regardless of whether you plan on making the knives or cutting board (or both!) your first Our Place purchase or you have an Always Pan obsession, these meal prep essentials are sure to add some (Instagram-worthy) function to your kitchen and keep it ready for entertaining this summer.

Our Place knives

Our Place Everyday Chef's Knife

You can consider this knife a multitasker, since it just about does it all. It features an ultra-sharp German stainless steel blade that can slice, dice, chop, mince and more, and a grooved grip so your hand won't get tired. After washing, it can be stored in the included sheath.

Our Place Serrated Slicing Knife

The days of imperfect sourdough cuts are over — this serrated knife was made to cut through everything from bread and baked goods to soft fruits. The blade measures nine inches long and, like the other knives, runs all the way through the handle. It also comes with its own storage sheath.

Our Place Precise Pairing Knife

This tiny knife was crafted to make peeling and cutting a breeze. The small and ultra-sharp blade means you can precisely maneuver your way around any fruit or vegetable like a professional chef, and maybe even impress yourself on meal prep Mondays.

Our Place cutting board & bundles

Our Place Walnut Cutting Board

Versatile, beautiful and functional — what else could you ask for in a cutting board? It is made from American black walnut that won't dull your knives and also dries fast after washing. It's dual-sided and features a juice trench on one end so you can avoid spills on the counter. To keep it looking fresh, treat it with food-grade mineral oil as needed.

Our Place Knife Trio

You can save $25 when you purchase all three knives together. Cover your bases when it comes to slicing, pairing and chopping — and all with a color-coordinating set, or mix-and-match.

Our Place Fully Prepped Bundle

Need everything? We understand. Luckily, this set includes all of the new releases in one bundle, and you can cut down on your splurge by $35 when you buy all at once.

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