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Dreaming of barbecue? Here's how to pick the right grill for your home

So you can have a delicious cookout this Memorial Day weekend and all summer long.

Memorial Day is synonymous with opening up the pool, getting together with friends and family and firing up the grill. Before you can even get to the latter, however, you’ll need to pick out a grill first.

If you’re ready to resume family gatherings or simply want to whip up more dinners outside this summer, Elizabeth Karmel, grilling expert and author of "Steak and Cake," dropped in to share all of the tips, tricks and key things to keep in mind when picking out the right grill for your home. Whether you prefer hamburgers or hotdogs, or aren’t exactly sure what the difference is between a propane or charcoal grill, you’ll need to take multiple factors into consideration, even if you don’t plan on turning your backyard into a smokehouse this summer.

Karmel has a pick for everyone, including budget-friendly grills that can cover the basics and fancy pellet grills that can take smoked meats to the next level. Read on for everything you need to know if you plan on using the barbecue all summer long.

Charcoal Grills

Classic Weber Kettle

The iconic Weber grill can hold up to 13 burgers and is an affordable option for anyone that prefers to barbecue with charcoal. It features a hinged cooking grate that makes it easy to add charcoal to the grill and a hooked lid to keep it all in place. To make your grilling experience a little bit cleaner, the $175 grill also comes with an ash catcher.

Spark Grill

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Though a bit pricier at $899, this charcoal grill doesn’t require any lighter fluid or a chimney to fire up. It is as easy to use as it is to clean and can give whatever you toss on the grill a savory charcoal flavor every time. Once you clean up, all you’ll need to do is unplug it from the outlet.

Gas Grills

Weber Go Anywhere Gas Grill

This gas grill totes a price tag that is less than $100 and is ideal for anyone that needs a portable option. With an easy push-to-ignite start and pivoting legs, you can set it up and get cooking in a matter of minutes. Karmel says it’s a reliable pick that makes “great tasting grilled food anywhere.”

Weber Gas Grills: Genesis II E-315

What Karmel describes as a “full-size, powerhouse gas grill” is the Weber Genesis, which uses smart technology to grill meals to perfection. It features three burners and a warming rack that can be tucked away to keep food that’s already been cooked warm while the other parts of the dish are still cooking. It comes in two different colors, black and copper, and is backed by a 10-year warranty on all parts.

Traeger Ironwood 650

The Ironwood has earned over 360 five-star reviews from 452 reviewers and has earned those stars for many reasons. It features a pellet sensor, downdraft exhaust, locking wheels, a meat probe and other functions that make it worth the dollar signs. Karmel notes that the Super Smoke mode also allows you to deliver wood-fired flavor to dishes with “the press of a button.”

Z Grills 450B

This year’s latest debut from Z Grills is equipped with technology that helps it maintain accurate temperature readings as well as other features such as a manual feed option, pellet view window and 8-in-1 cooking capabilities. It can hold up to 18 burgers and four rib racks at once but is the perfect size for small houses or families on the go.

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