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No pool? No problem! These 15 inflatable pools are perfect for all backyards

Give your outdoor space an easy upgrade with these splash-worthy inflatable adult swimming pools.
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Picture this: It's a hot summer afternoon and you're wishing there was an easy way to relax and cool down.

There's an inflatable pool for that.

Once only available for toddlers with parents patient enough to drag it out the hose and fill it up, inflatable pools have gotten a major upgrade in recent years. The newer options have gotten much bigger and easier to keep filled and ready — and during the pandemic, much more popular, according to pool expert at Leslie's Pools, Tracy Dick.

Dick says inflatable pools are a great temporary solution that are easy to take up or down. They're also way more affordable.

"Instead of spending tens of thousands of dollars on an in-ground pool," said Dick, "you can enjoy an inflatable option for as little as a couple hundred dollars."

Though, Dick says caring for an inflatable pool still requires some work and recommends tools like a portable pool vacuum, brushes and nets and sanitizer.

"Because inflatable pools are generally smaller, they can actually require more attention because they exhaust sanitizer at a higher rate due to a higher body-to-water ratio and decreased circulation," Dick explained, advising that inflatable pool users test their water at least weekly and refer to their pool's owner's manual for proper water balance requirements, utilizing the chemicals and sanitizer necessary to care for your particular type of pool.

And, when it's time to set up your inflatable pool, Dick says to find an area large enough that is free of rocks, sticks or other materials that could puncture the pool.

Below, we rounded up top-rated and trendy options that can cool you down this summer.

Top-rated Inflatable pools

Oeves Blow up Swim Pool with Canopy

Sometimes cold water isn't enough to save you from the summer heat. As you cool off in this inflatable pool, its removable sun protection canopy will help block the sun's rays due to its UPF 50+ material.

Intex Swim Center Inflatable Family Lounge Pool

With a cushioned bench on one side and free space on the other side, this inflatable pool has enough room for the whole family to bask in the summer sun. While your little ones play in the water, you can relax — with a cocktail in hand. When it's your turn to join in on their fun, you can set down your drink in the pool's cupholder.

Minnidip Tufted Pool - Blushing Palms

Minnidip's colorful inflatable pools are capturing everyone's attention on TikTok. This inflatable pool in the "blushing palms" pattern stands out for its tufted sides. For those who want a brighter pop of color in their backyard, the brand also sells a "sunwashed marigold" version.

Swimline 71 Inch Swimming Pool Suntan Tub

Are you in the mood for a relaxing tanning session? Swimline's suntan tub is perfect for tanning on land or in the water — or both. Adults can fill this inflatable suntan tub with water to cool your body as you soak in the sun beams.

Members Mark Elegant Family Pool

This No. 1 bestseller on Amazon has about 10 feet of space and two air-cushioned backrests, making it the perfect choice for you to relax while the kids enjoy the rest of the pool.

Intex Swim Center Family Inflatable Pool

Comfortable extra-wide walls and a drain plug for easy storage, this family-sized inflatable pool has it all.

Bestway Fast Set Inflatable Pool Set

This soft-sided pool includes a pump, hoses and ground-cloth, making it a simple all-in-one option for those who want an inflatable pool that will stay around a little longer.

Heart-Shaped Inflatable Pool

Inflatable and heart-shaped, this pool can fit 2-3 adults comfortably and holds up to 12 gallons of water.

Minnidip "That's Banana Leaves" Pool

With its fun palm leaf pattern and easy-set-up air valve, this inflatable pool is perfect for turning your back yard into an oasis.

Summer Waves Quick Set Round Inflatable Pool

This inflatable above-ground pool comes with everything you need for backyard pool success, from a ladder to a filter.

Sun Squad Deluxe Rectangular Inflatable Pool

This simple rectangular pool is made of durable and puncture-resistant materials and includes a drain plug for easy water drainage.

Intex 12-56475NP Swim Center Family Lounge Inflatable Pool

(adjusted copy, new product)

The cushioned seats and backrests of this inflatable pool make it great for backyard lounging. It also has two cupholders, perfect for summer cocktails.

Hesung Inflatable Swimming Pool

This inflatable pool has a 5-star rating on Amazon and comfortably holds up to two adults and four kids for the perfect backyard pool party.

Avenli Round Inflatable Pool

This durable inflatable pool can be drained and deflated using a garden hose and sets up easily in 10 minutes, according to the brand.

Intex Easy Set Swimming Pool

Ready in for water in just 10 minutes, this Intex inflatable pool is available in three sizes allowing it to be customized to fit your backyard perfectly, according to the brand.

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