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11 best bubble machines and makers for family fun in 2021

Trust us, these options won't burst your bubble.
Little girl playing with bubbles outside
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Sometimes, all you need to deliver instant happiness in your child is some soap and a wand. Bubbles are astonishing, really, and a good reminder that when it comes to kids, we just need to keep it simple.

I'm as guilty as any parent of spending hours combing through the internet, searching for the perfect (and far too elaborate) gift for my son. Reading up on all of the developmental benefits of whatever the toy du jour of the moment may offer; spending oodles of money to bring this contraption into our home and into his life; and once, it’s finally here, powered up by the batteries that were not included with purchase, what does he make a beeline for? A bottle of bubbles. Every. Time.

It’s all about the bubbles, buddy! Babies love 'em, kids adore them, heck, even big kids and adults get a kick out of them. Universally beloved, insanely affordable and for the parent who just finished their 10th load of laundry, guaranteed good, clean fun!

With summer break just a few sleeps and school bells away, it may be time to make a small and worthy investment in a bounty of bubbles. Here are some fun bubbly options to get your ideas popping!

Best bubble machines and toys for kids

Pineapple Bubble Machine

Own it, love it, am forever grateful for it. This pineapple-shaped bubble machine from Target is perfect for those uber early sunny days when my little guy wants to play outside, and all I want to do is drink a cup of coffee. Just fill with bubble solution, hit the button and watch the bubbles fly!

Fisher-Price Bubble Mower

You can never go wrong with a tried-and-true classic. A bubble mower is a must-have for any kid. Bubble mowers create heaps and heaps of bubble-filled fun, help to burn off a little of that never-ending baby energy and, let’s be honest, are great for priming your little one to mow the lawn of tomorrow.

Bubblething Big Bubbles Kit

Who can resist big bubbles? Recognized as the Top Toy of the Year at 2020's Creative Child Awards, this kit includes a bubble stick with a fabric loop designed to make giant, long-lasting, high-flying bubbles.

Joyin Bubble Guns

They'll be chasing their friends or siblings around the yard all day with these handheld toys! Each set includes two bubble guns, refillable bubble solutions and — a huge bonus! — AA batteries.

Sun Squad Bubble Solution

When it comes to kids, you need a backup for almost everything. This summer, add bubble solution to that list. Few things cause a baby meltdown quite like running out of what my son calls “bubble juice.” This huge, cost-effective refill solution should last you a good long while — and may save you a few tears and tantrums along the way.

Little Tikes Foamo Foam Machine

The entire neighborhood will have FOMO when you bust out the Little Tikes Foamo Foam Machine in your backyard. Great for a summer birthday party or just an extra special playdate, this machine comes with everything you need to get the party started. Just add water and let the foam run wild. Plus, since foam is hypoallergenic and biodegradable, it'll be easy on sensitive skin and on Mother Earth.

Fubbles Bubblin' Whale Inflatable and Bubble Machine

Your kids will have a whale of time with this bubble bopping inflatable. This inflatable grows to be two feet tall, and the included bubble machine sends a steady stream of bubbles into the sky. This machine comes with all the necessities (minus those ever-missing batteries) and is great for kids ages three and up.

Baby Patent Bubble Buddy Activity Bath Toy

The only shark that I would recommend getting into the water with, Sharky and his buddy Squeezy are a toy, a game and a bubble bath maker all in one! Just fill Squeezy with soap and spray the soap at Sharky as he swims across the tub. Bubbles, baths and fun will ensue!

Bath Bubbles Mixing Kit

Did you know that being a bubble mixologist is an actual job? Well, with this sudsy and creative kit. it absolutely is. Let your kid mix, mess and tinker their own perfect bubble bath combo. The mixing kit comes with a child-sized mixing bowl, recipe cards and strawberry-, tangerine- and vanilla-scented bath products.

DIY Bubble Gum Kit

Look out, Big League Chew, your competition may be nipping at your heels — or, in this case, bursting your bubble. Why buy a stick of gum when you can make over a half-pound of bubble gum on your very own? This DIY kit comes with all the necessary bubble gum making ingredients and instructions. Plus, it's ideal for kids ages eight and up or for grown-ups who just want to know how bubble gum happens.

4M Kidzlabs Bubble Science Kit

Bubbles may seem like simple magic, but there is a science to it. Let your child explore the boundaries and beauty of bubbles with this innovative experiment kit. Watch and wonder as your child blows a giant bubble, an unbreakable bubble or a bubble shaped like a star.

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