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This spill-proof bubble container is the key to avoiding a sticky mess

Playdates at the park just got a little easier.
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There is no park toy more nostalgic to me than bubbles. My sister and I used to play with them for hours on end when we were little, and I couldn’t wait to experience them all over again through my son’s eyes.

But now that I’m the parent of a toddler, I see how messy they can be. Considering my 16-month-old takes everything and shakes it or turns it upside down — or both — I just imagined how long it would take until he poured the whole bottle onto the grass.

Needless to say, I was hesitant about bringing out a container of bubbles. That is, until a neighborhood mom friend imparted her wisdom on me.

Enter, Fubbles. My friend raved about the product during a park date a few weeks ago, and I went to Amazon and bought it immediately.

Little Kids Fubbles No-Spill Tumbler, $9, Amazon

What Is It?

1. Fubbles come with a no-spill container that actually works. If you’re worried about your kid spilling the bubble solution everywhere when they’re playing with it, this container is for you. It has such a simple design, yet I still have no idea how it works, because the top isn’t completely covered — it has an open slit where the wand goes, but even when the wand isn’t in there, it’s still spill-proof.

Even when you hold the full container upside down without the wand in the slot, nothing comes out!Julie Pennell

I was skeptical at first, but after pouring the solution into the bottom container and twisting the top closed, I turned it upside down and NOTHING came out of the opening. It’s really like magic!

2. It works with any kind of bubble solution. The package includes a 4-ounce bottle of nontoxic bubble solution, but you can also refill the tumbler with whatever brand you have on hand.

The Fubbles container is easy to fill up. Just pour the liquid in the bottom container and twist the top on.Julie Pennell

3. The wand works well, too. I was impressed with how many bubbles it creates when you blow into the wand. My son loved watching them float in the air, and some of the neighborhood kids flocked over to us to try to pop them, too.

Fubbles in action!Julie Pennell

Things to Keep In Mind

1. It’s not 100 percent fail-proof. Though I haven’t experienced it firsthand yet, some reviewers have warned that it can still leak sometimes, especially if you shake it. But for what it’s worth, I transport it to the park tucked on its side in a canvas bag, and it hasn’t leaked yet — even when we go on the bumpy sidewalks.

2. Colors vary on Amazon orders. I purchased what I thought was going to be a blue and green container, but the one I got in the mail was pink and green. There’s no option on Amazon to choose your preferred colors. We still loved what we got, but it's good to keep in mind if your kid’s heart is set on a certain color combo.

As my mom friend recommended this product to me, it’s something I definitely would recommend to others. After all, when you find a toy that is loved by both the kid and parent, that’s a win!