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Care Bears celebrates acceptance with new Togetherness Bear

The colorful Care-a-Lot newcomer has an important message about inclusivity.
Care Bear releases rainbow Togetherness Bear ahead of Pride Month?
Courtesy Care Bear
/ Source: TODAY

There's a brand new bear in Care-a-Lot and she's the most colorful Care Bear yet.

Togetherness Bear, a vibrant rainbow-furred bear with a special heart sign is the first new Care Bear to make an appearance in the "Care Bears" animated series in the last 10 years. She's also the first new character to be introduced with the bears' new look, which is based on the animation style of the franchise's latest series "Care Bears: Unlock the Magic."

Togetherness Bear

While there's no confirmation that Togetherness Bear's release is related to June's Pride Month, a Care Bears representative did say the brand designed Togetherness Bear to personify togetherness, acceptance, inclusivity and loving what's unique about yourself. The bear's motto, "Love all," furthers her passion for accepting everyone exactly the way they are.

In a video introducing Togetherness Bear on YouTube, her origin story is explained: After several Care Bears discover a colorless bear living in the clouds above Care-a-Lot, the bear asks for help deciding which color to become.

The bears each advocate for their own color, explaining which qualities each hue represents. Cheer Bear, for example, promises pink will make the new bear "fun and caring," while Funshine Bear says yellow is all about "joy and positivity."

After hearing what the colors represent, Togetherness Bear simply cannot decide, explaining she wants to celebrate the qualities that make each person different. This declaration changes her fur into rainbow tie-dye and her "belly badge" becomes a rainbow heart made of the colors of each of her fellow Care Bears.

Togetherness Bear, which is available exclusively at Walmart, has a bit of extra uniqueness herself. Each bear will look a bit different in coloring, making no two bears exactly alike.

And to further celebrate the the newest Care Bear addition, the brand is kicking off its Togetherness Challenge June 8, which asks fans to share social media posts about what togetherness means to them.

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