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This mess-free magnetic eyelash set gave me seriously dramatic lashes

The kit comes with 10 different looks.
Casey DelBasso

When I think of false eyelashes, I think of sticky glue, the pain of getting them off, and the Kardashians. So, when the magnetic eyelashes trend hit, I was suspicious. I’m typically not one to wear false lashes – I would prefer to layer on extra mascara for length and volume.

However, as a beauty and fashion writer, I am always up for trying out the latest and greatest trends.

I gave the Arishine Magnetic Eyelashes with Eyeliner Kit a test run. With 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon, I figured the $30 10-pair set would be a great starting point.

Arishine Magnetic Eyelashes with Eyeliner Kit

How do magnetic eyelashes work?

My hesitancy to false eyelashes is due to how gummy the job usually gets: my hands stick together and there is a weird white line at the base of my eyelashes from the glue until it dries. Then at the end of the night, when I pull them off, my natural eyelashes come with them.

Fortunately, magnetic lashes have no glue to worry about.

Casey DelBasso

Instead of messy adhesive, the false lashes come with a magnetic liquid eyeliner that allows the lashes to attach to the eyelid.

This liner is no joke.

Just as I don’t typically wear fake lashes, I also don’t wear liquid eyeliner. Pro tip: Do not let the eyeliner get on or near the end of your lashes as it gives that clump effect like you are wearing too much mascara and your lashes will stick together. After a little mess up on one eye, it was smooth sailing by the second time around.

Once the eyeliner was set, the “sticking” of the lashes was painless. I lined up the false lashes with my natural lashes and they went right on. The best part was that if I wanted to reposition the lashes, it was easy to give them a little tug to remove and then reposition. I may now consider myself a “falsies'' person!

Casey DelBasso

The lashes had no problem staying in place as a I went about my day. There was no noticeable weight or discomfort for me. (Some lashes I have worn in the past on special occasions have gotten in the way of my peripheral vision.)

The only drawback was once the eyeliner is on, it’s really on and can take a bit of work to remove at the end of the day. One amazon reviewer shared, “I finally got some makeup remover pads but it takes some pretty vigorous scrubbing to get it off.” For me, I used a makeup remover wipe and a little elbow grease and was able to remove the liner relatively quickly.

Plenty of options

For those who like to play around with their look, or are new to magnetic lashes, this set is very multifunctional as there are 10 different lash types to choose from.

Casey DelBasso

If you are more of a casual makeup wearer, there are pairs that just help enhance your natural lashes. If you’re going for drama, there are plenty of bold options that range in length and fullness.

At about $3.00 per lash set, this kit was worth it for me, and I like having the option to mix-up my look depending on where I am going that day.

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