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I gave a stylist this $13 hair cream — he said it's the best blow-dry lotion he's tried

It offers 11 hair benefits, including making it feel softer, fresher and smoother.
Courtesy Colleen Sullivan

To keep my hair looking and feeling healthy, I only wash it once a week. So, I’m constantly on the lookout for styling products that can prolong the life of my blowout — ones that won’t weigh my hair down or make it look dirty after only a few days.

When I came across Lee Stafford's blow-dry lotion, I was immediately intrigued. Not just because of the affordable price (only $13), but also because of the "11-in-1" promise printed directly on the tube. Could this cream preserve my style and offer 10 more benefits to my hair? I had to find out.

Lee Stafford Coco Loco & Agave Blow & Go 11-in-1 Lotion

It's packed with hair-loving ingredients

Admittedly, I don't use a lot of hair products in general — only a heat protectant or conditioner right before I blow out my hair. I've found that with using too many products, I can't stretch my blowout to a full seven days, so I was hoping this one-and-done formula would give my locks the boost they need to stay soft and smooth for longer. Looking at the ingredients list made me hopeful; it's rich in moisturizing coconut and avocado oils as well as hydrolyzed keratin to strengthen and protect hair, according to the brand. The cream also includes pro-vitamin B5 (for softness) and agave (to enhance shine).

Using it is simple. Apply a small amount (it says "the equivalent of a Brazil nut" on the product page) to towel-dried hair and massage from mid-length down to the ends. Then, blow-dry!

Courtesy Colleen Sullivan

My hair feels softer, fresher and smoother

The best thing about this product is how soft it makes my hair feel after drying. This might sound crazy, but I really feel like it gives my hair a child-like softness. And since I'm not washing the product out all week, I count on it to act as my heat protector (I quickly pass a flat iron over my hair most mornings). The brand also says the avocado oil in the formula can heal hair from UV damage (double win!).

And although I was hesitant to use a cream-based product (based on past experiences with other cream products), this one doesn't make my hair look greasy — even up until day six post-washing. Plus, it has a lovely tropical scent.

This versatile formula even works on dry hair. I own a tiny cottage at the Jersey Shore, so I'm at the beach practically every weekend in the summer. If it's a super humid day, I'll take a pea-sized amount of the Blow & Go Lotion, rub it between my hands, and lightly go over my hair to calm frizz and reduce that "dry hair" texture I get from the salty air.

Courtesy Colleen Sullivan

The one benefit I didn't notice: shine. It really doesn't make my hair any shinier than other products I've tried. I'd also recommend not applying too much, or else your hair could become oily. (But at least the 33-ounce bottle lasts longer!).

I gave a tube of the Blow & Go Lotion to a friend — who also happens to be a celebrity stylist — to see if he would have a similar reaction — and he did! He told me it was "the best blow-dry lotion I’ve ever tried." He also talked about how it offers silky results and how easy it is to distribute through the hair. In fact, he raved about this product in the salon so much that it went missing from his station ... no promises it wasn't me!