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This is the best type of pillowcase for your hair, according to experts — 9 to shop

Upgrading your beauty sleep has never been this easy.
Woman putting on a silk pillowcase on her pillow
Sleep easier knowing your hair won't be tangled and frizzy in the morning.Vivian Le/ TODAY
/ Source: TODAY

At the end of a long day, nothing comes between you and your bed. Sometimes that means just plopping right down and skipping your nighttime beauty routine.

But dealing with unruly bedhead in the morning might make you regret skipping that routine. Luckily, the fix is pretty low maintenance — invest in a good pillowcase. “It’s not only better for your hair; it’s good for your skin, too,” says Nicole Pearl, founder of

Not all pillowcases are created equally. Pearl and other beauty experts agree the best pillowcases are made of silk. Hairstylist Bobby Eliot says a good silk pillowcase can help keep hair healthy long-term and preserve hairstyles overnight.

To take the first step toward eliminating bedhead (and possibly achieve better skin in the process), we asked beauty experts to explain the benefits and for the best silk pillowcases to try.

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What is the benefit of using a silk pillowcase?

“The benefit of having a good silk pillowcase is that it creates less friction on the hair and allows the hair a gentle surface," he says. "Friction can disrupt the cuticle layer of the hair, which causes bedhead and frizzy hair.”

Silk fibers are also less absorbent than most other materials, keeping your hair and skin’s moisture intact.

What's the difference between silk and satin?

"Silk is a natural fiber and satin isn’t, so silk is more breathable and it will keep you cool while sleeping. While the fabrics are essentially the same when reducing friction, I think silk is the best choice. Natural is always better," stylist Nunzio Saviano previously told Shop TODAY.

Silk pillowcases recommended by experts

Shhh Silk Pillowcases

Colorways: 11 Sizes: Queen, king and travel

Jennifer MacDougall, beauty expert and celebrity hairstylist, suggests these pillowcases from Shhh Silk.

This pillowcase offers all the traditional benefits of silk, and you can even add a personal touch by paying a little extra to get them monogrammed. They are also available in sets of two.

Slip Slipsilk Pure Silk Pillowcase

Colorways: 10 | Sizes: Queen and king

One of Eliot's favorites, these 100 percent silk pillowcases promise to help prevent aging and overnight creases in hair.

“They’re reasonably priced and they’re so smooth and soft. They come in a wide range of colors and feel just as luxurious as a $200 silk pillowcase,” he says.

Best silk pillowcases, according to shoppers

Ravmix Silk Pillowcase

Colorways: 21 | Sizes: Standard, queen and king

For less than $20, this pillow is the perfect solution for any budget-friendly beauty guru. It has two sides of pure mulberry silk and a color to match every room.

Zimasilk 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

Colorways: 34 | Sizes: Standard, queen, king, toddler, throw and body

This pillowcase has garnered over 32,000 verified five-star ratings from shoppers who rave about the quality, are repeat buyers and even gift them to family. The brand also offers a 180-day guarantee to ensure your satisfaction.

Lilysilk 19 Momme Terse Envelope Silk Pillowcase

Colorways: 14 | Sizes: Standard, queen and king

Made with 100 percent mulberry silk and a 400 thread count, this pillowcase is regarded by the brand as their most popular product. The reviews support that as it has an almost-perfect average rating from over 600 shoppers.

Right now, if you buy two silk pillowcases, you can get a free silk eye mask. Plus, they're offering a buy one, get one 25% off promotion sitewide.

Quince 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

Colorways: Seven | Sizes: Queen/standard and king

When you see Quince, you probably think of their affordable cashmere sweaters. Their mulberry silk pillowcase has quickly become a customer favorite for its hypoallergenic make, easy washability and cooling touch.

Celestial Silk 100% Silk Pillowcase

Colorways: 27 | Sizes: Standard, queen and king

Who says luxury can't be affordable? Made with a hypoallergenic mulberry silk in a charmeuse weave, your hair will remain frizz- and breakage-free when you rest your head on this silk pillowcase from Amazon. Just take it from over 2,500 verified shoppers who rated it five stars, including one who said, "This pillowcase is heaven. I am a back and side sleeper which can lead to some serious tangles and knots. Those problems seem to have disappeared."

Brooklinen Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

Colorways: Seven | Sizes: Standard and king

Brooklinen is well renowned for its cozy sheets and towels, but the bedding brand also makes all-star silky pillowcases. Its mulberry silk material is breathable and naturally cool to the touch, two features that guarantee less friction damage to your hair and skin. Hundreds of shoppers have given them a perfect rating, with several calling it a "must-have."

Blissy 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

Colorways: 44 | Sizes: Standard, queen and king

Blissy is making waves for designing sleep products that "transform your bed into an elegant escape." Their silk pillowcases, in particular, are a shopper favorite for its moisture-retaining, eco-friendly properties. According to the brand, not only will your locks preserve its style and naturally producing oils, but your skin will also keep essential moisture throughout the night.

Right now, if you buy two pillowcases, you'll get one free during the brand's fourth anniversary sale.

Meet the experts

  • Nicole Pearl is the founder of, a blog that covers news products, trends and more expert-backed advice.
  • Bobby Eliot is a Los Angeles-based hairstylist.
  • Nunzio Saviano is a hairstylist with more than 20 years of experience and the owner of his self-titled salon in New York City.
  • Jennifer MacDougall is a beauty and style expert and celebrity hairstylist.