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By Kamari Stewart

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As someone who has naturally curly hair, I'm always looking for new products to help reduce frizz and maintain style for more than a day. For most of my life, I've used cotton pillowcases and wrapped my hair up at night — whether it be with a bonnet or a scarf.

One day, I stumbled upon these satin pillowcases on Amazon and noticed that people were absolutely raving in the reviews.

Bedsure Satin Pillowcase for Hair and Skin

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I immediately noticed a difference after the first night. I tend to wash my hair and style it at night, usually falling asleep with wet hair (even though I probably shouldn't). After using these pillowcases, I can confidently go to sleep knowing that my hair will look the same when I wake up — even if I fall asleep without a bonnet on!

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The best part? In the morning, all I have to do is give my hair a good shake and proceed to style it however I'd like for the day.

These Bedsure satin pillowcases are made out of 100% polyester satin, giving them a smooth look and feel. They are sold in a pack of two on Amazon for less than $10, which was music to my college student ears.

They are available in four different pillow sizes with 15 color options ranging from black to coral orange to dark green. I bought them in black and dark grey to match my alternating bed sets.

"After using this pillow case, I noticed my hair feels way less brittle when I sleep on my wet hair!"Amazon

The product has over 4,400 customer reviews on Amazon with a 4.3-star rating, so you don't have to take just my word for it.

"I got these since I have issues with hair breakage and I have noticed that I have less fall out and frizziness when it comes to my hair," one reviewer shared. "I also noticed that I don't wake up with a build up of oil on my face, which was a pleasant surprise."

One reviewer even came back six months later to let everyone know that she still loves her purchase. "I continue to use these, and the pillowcases are still in great condition," she wrote. " I wrote [the] original review in December 2018, and now [in] almost May 2019 I still love them."

For under $10, these pillowcases are a deal you can't pass up.

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