TODAY   |  April 02, 2014

Streisand’s sister: ‘Stressful’ being compared to Barbra

Multitalented Roslyn Kind has performed on Broadway and concert stages and in nightclubs since her teens. The entertainer, whose sister is Barbra Streisand, says it was stressful being compared to the famous star when she first started in the business.

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>>> early. just two months after high school she recorded her first album.

>> she's been entertaining every since and joined her sister barbra streisand . the first time the siblings ever sang together publicly.

>> now she's back in new york on a solo tour.

>> she's going to be in the great room called 54 below. used to be studio 54 .

>> exactly.

>> so nice to meet you.

>> you're adorable.

>> you're gorgeous. does everybody know you're barbra streisand 's sister?

>> most do. people hit me up on the street and say my god you sound just like her. this cute waiter came over to me and said you look like strie sand. i noticed with the check he didn't charge me for my vegetables. i said sweetheart you didn't charge me. he said i didn't because i felt like a fool. when everybody came in earlier they were told you were going to be here. they were prepped. he didn't know because he was late. i said that's nothing to be embarrassed of.

>> that's an incredible compliment when someone says you sound like barbra streisand . for once i would love that. have there been times it was frustrating for you? you are uniquely beautiful and talented on your own.

>> the beginning was stressful. you want to be successful for who you are. even though you're a sibling, we are unique to ourselves.

>> you are very similar to your singing. your mannerisms and your nails.

>> the important thing.

>> your mom was a singer right?

>> yes, our mom had a beautiful voice. she never went after it.

>> she didn't encourage you either?

>> no. i was supposed to go into the school system . my mother was a school secretary. i was going to be a math teacher. in seventh and eighth grade i used to mark the teacher's papers.

>> do you have purple in your hair?

>> yeah.

>> look how cool. roselyn is not just kind, she's cool.

>> what kind of songs are you going to sing?

>> many things. standards, show tunes .

>> going to mix it up?

>> yeah.

>> you've got to.

>> inside of me i'm more than one song, one person.

>> do you like happy days?

>> i like it, but i'm not going to sing it.

>> that's a famous duet she did.

>> trying to get you to sing something. i know.

>> she saves her voice. she's wise to do that. can't blame us for trying. see roselyn at 54 below here in new york april 26th .

>> thank you for coming on the show.

>> glad to be here. thanks for having me.