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20 kid-friendly Valentine's Day craft kits that'll be made with love

From DIY valentines to heart-tastic cookie kits, we've got your kids covered.
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/ Source: TODAY

Love is in the air, but if you're a parent who's tired of hearing, "I'm bored" from your kids, there's probably a bit of frustration, too.

But when it comes to cute and easy Valentine's Day crafts for kids, there are more unique choices than out there than there are in that heart-shaped box of chocolate.

We've rounded up some of the cutest, pinkest, most heart-covered Valentine's Day craft kits out there for kids of all ages. Whether you're looking for some home school art projects or a creative outlet for your children on a chilly day, there's something for everyone in this lovey-dovey list.

Valentine's Day craft kits for kids

Mondo Llama Create-Your-Own Love Bugs Kit

While it’s hard to compete with how cute your little valentine is, the six googly-eyed love bugs in this crafty kit come close to it. Take it from one Target shopper who can’t resist these ridiculously cuddly critters: “They’re ADORABLE. That’s it. I now have an entire shelf devoted to Love Bugs, because I can’t stop buying them.”

Monster Valentine Ornament Craft Kit

These “super cute” monsters deserve some love, too. Various teachers proclaimed these crafts were perfect for their respective elementary school class parties since each of the dozen kits inside are individually packaged and its self-adhesive, peel-and-stick parts resulted in “no mess!”

Valentine’s Day Animal Rock Art Kit by Creatology

Valentine, you rock! This clever rock painting kit includes the materials kids need to paint five animal rocks in various Valentine’s Day designs.

Valentine's Day Flower Pot Craft Kit

Whether they are having a Valentine's Day party at school or simply celebrating at home, your kids will love making these flowerpots. Your heart will melt when they gift you this adorable craft after making them with their siblings or classmates.

Joyin Valentine’s Day Banner Kit

With this colorful conversation heart banner kit, kids can make up to five banners to decorate their homes for Valentine’s Day.

Hearts Mailbox Decorating Kit by Creatology

Paint, foam shapes, pom poms and more make up this Valentine’s Day kit. Although the box isn’t included, they can get creative and use a shoebox to decorate and store all the cards and treats they get from school.

Lego Heart Ornament

Lego's new 254-piece heart ornament kit may have only recently hit shelves, but it's already gained wild popularity across social media platforms like TikTok and Twitter. We're sure your child (recommended for ages 9 and up) will be delighted creating and customizing this adorable piece of decor for Mom or Dad.

Joyin Valentine’s Day Stampers

There are 25 different stamp designs in this colorful set, meaning kids can keep a set for their own Valentine’s Day crafting needs and gift some to friends.

Melissa & Doug “Created by Me” Wooden Heart Magnet Set

A great developmental activity for kids over the age of four, his crafty magnet kit gives kids four different wooden heart-shaped magnets to paint and decorate with gem stickers and glitter glue.

KiwiCo Valentine’s Day Card Kit

This pop-up card making kit from KiwiCo comes with pop-up shapes, blank cards, stick-on jewels and wiggle eyes so kids can create unique valentines that are perfect for their friends. “I liked that the kit was just simple enough that the kids could make cards without me feeling like I have to micromanage,” one verified shopper mentioned.

Creativity for Kids String Art Heart Light Craft Kit

Older kids a little more advanced in the arts and crafts department will probably love stringing together this heart-shaped lantern. It also comes with LED light strings if they'd like to add an illuminescent touch to their new favorite piece of decor.

Color Your Own Valentine Footballs

It'll be a touchdown this Valentine's Day when you gift your children these sporty mini footballs. The kids will love spending the afternoon coloring and once finished, playing with them outside in the backyard.

Craft-tastic DIY Puffy Charms Craft Kit

Let them be as creative as they can be with this easy-to-use craft kit. Perfect for kids ages 7 and up, all they need to do is put two puffy stickers together to make a charm, and they’re free to add it to shoes, bracelets, pencils and more.

Melissa & Doug No-Sew Fleece Quilt Craft Kit

Snuggles on the couch feel a little bit better when they're done underneath a handcrafted blanket. This Melissa & Doug project for almost anyone to master and results in a colorful throw spanning 3.5' x 5'.

Kool Krafts Tie-Dye Kit

If they don’t like making traditional Valentine’s Day crafts, opt for this fun tie-dye kit. It has three shades of red and one pink dye to create a Valentine’s-themed shirt, plus eight other colors they can add into the mix. There’s also four cotton white shirts included so you don’t have to buy your own.

DIY Heart-Shaped Linzer Cookie Baking Kit

Heart-shaped boxes of chocolate are nice, but it's hard to beat homemade heart-shaped linzer tarts. This kit comes with nearly everything you need to make the perfect cookie, from Bonne Maman raspberry preserves to confectioners sugar for dusting. All you'll need are eggs and butter to get the rest of the job done!

Lego Valentine Lovebirds Building Toy Set

Putting together these adorable lovebirds is the perfect Valentine's Day activity for children 8 years old and up. With 298 pieces, this sweet Lego set will be a fun challenge for you and your kiddos to complete together as a family.

"I gave this Lego set to my granddaughter for her 11th birthday. She absolutely loved it and immediately put it together. They are the cutest lovebirds and a nice change from the usual Lego sets," said one verified five-star reviewer.

DIY Valentine Stretchy Bracelet Craft Kit

Handmade jewelry is the perfect craft no matter what holiday it is. This Etsy's Pick kit has all the materials they need to make the perfect Valentine's Day bracelet for friends and family.

Cheryl's Valentine Cut-out Cookie Decorating Kit

Your kiddos will love decorating these delicious cookies with their friends or family on Valentine's Day. This cut-out kit includes 24 unfrosted cookies, two tubs of frosting, a canister of sprinkles and a pack of writing icing tubes.

Sculpd Pottery Kit

Sculpd's pottery kit has everything they need to sculpt and create their own masterpiece. Donning a near-perfect average from hundreds of shoppers, this kit is meant for two, so you can join your little one and help them paint and seal their own pots, vases, candle holders and more.