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No more hot glue burns! These 25 children's Valentine's Day cards are easy to make and deliver

From sweet surprises to fun cards.
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/ Source: TODAY

Valentine's Day may be a few weeks away, but it's never too early to start thinking about gifts, cards and chocolate for your little one to give out to all of their friends, if you haven't been already.

Want to avoid a handmade fail? Dreading the thought of helping your child write the names of all of their classmates on those tiny valentines? Looking for a way to get creative with your kid's cards without subjecting yourself to hot glue burns? We've got you covered.

From fun cards with a sweet surprise to must-have video game valentines, we've rounded up some of the cutest love notes the internet has to offer.

Valentine's Day cards for kids

Heart-Shaped Crayon Valentine

Give a Valentine that your child's friends can actually use — like a crayon! They'll scribble their heart out with this appropriately-shaped crayon. Choose between 15 to 75 cards, sure to spread the love this Valentine's Day.

Pop-It Valentine Favors

Go big or go home this February with the fidget that each child obsesses over and loves to receive, no matter how many they already have. With options to choose between 10 or 15 valentines, plus the ability to personalize with your child's name, any recipient will be fawning over these cards.

Hallmark Harry Potter Valentine's Set

If your child has swallowed some of the love potion made and consumed by the wizards in the "Harry Potter" series, they'll be spreading the love this Feb. 14. This set comes with an included box to store all of their valentines and sweet treats.

Vintage-Inspired Valentine's Day Cards

For the old soul or the child not yet old enough to pick out or send their valentines, grab this vintage-inspired set from World Market. This set is available in retro fruit designs, animals or children playing dress-up.

Scratch-A-Sketch Customized Valentine's

With the option to choose between six to 36 valentines, each card comes blank, ready for them to write a heartfelt message. Then, apply the scratch-off sticker so friends can unveil the message left for them. These cards were a "huge hit" with each reviewer who bought them, some of them even purchasing them for the second year in a row.

Anthropologie Ice Cream Cards

With included friendship bracelets, your valentine will be too cool for school after handing out these ice cream and ice cream truck cards. With 12 in a pack, these are reserved for the best of friends.

Valentine's Day Heart Doilies

These valentines can be layered, colored on, stapled, cut and decorated just about however they want. This pack has 120 doilies in it, meaning there's enough love to go around to anyone, even the mailman, grocery story cashier and everyone in between.

Spectacular Glasses Valentine Set

These oh-so adorable valentines are pre-cut, meaning less mess and hassle for children in the end. Simply slip each set of specs into an envelope and address! If only they came with rose-colored lenses...

Fuchsia Heart Valentines

You'll have their entire class covered for less than $10. Keep it simple with these hearts that they can decorate to their hearts desire, or write a note to their special someone.

KiwiCo Valentine's Day Cards

They can make custom cards for their classmates with this pop-up kit from KiwiCo. From stick-on jewels to wiggle eyes, it has everything included to make 27 adorable cards.

Playhouse Yummy Donut Scratch and Sniff Cards

The annual classroom Valentine's Day party will probably have a festive spread of heart-shaped foods and pink-frosted doughnuts, but everyone can also enjoy the delicious surgary aromas with these scratch-and-sniff cards.

Sharks Valentine Card Kit

Pre-cut and easy to assemble, these jawsome valentines are sure to impress all their friends. The kit also includes googly eyes and printed stickers so they can make it their own.

Friend-chip Goals Card

Let your little one reveal their admiration for their classmates with these adorable, chip themed cards.

Video Game Valentine Cards with Erasers

Each of these unique cards is personalized with your child's name and includes a video game themed bracelet they can give to their friends.

Color In My World Note Card

Your child's classmates will have so much fun coloring and decorating their heart-studded valentines — and their parents will be thrilled to have another piece of artwork to hang on the fridge.

American Greetings Magical Valentine's Day Cards

Spread a little magic during the classroom valentine exchange with these appropriately-themed cards.

Neon Texting Tic-Tac-Toe Valentine's Day Cards

For kids who enjoy interacting with their classmates more than spending time on making cards, these valentines can be turned into a fun game of emoji tic-tac-toe.

Amusend Foldable Monster Valentine's Day Cards

Ahhh, cute monsters! With heartwarming messages printed inside of their mouths, these creatures are more sweet than scary.

Joyin Valentine's Day Cards

These cute valentines are as sweet as candy — and each one can hold a sugary surprise in its arms.

Rainbow Pencil Unicorn Valentines

Not only are these valentines super adorable, they also come with a fun rainbow pencil for all the little artists in the class.

Playhouse Funny Joke Scratch Off Valentines

Bring some silliness to your child's Valentine's Day with these scratch-off joke cards, available on Amazon.

Fun Dip Candy and Card Valentines

With a pack of 24 valentines and Fun Dip packs, this kit is a pretty sweet deal.

Llama Fun Classroom Card Set

These llama-zing valentines will make your little one the hit of the Valentine's Day party.

Valentine's Cards with Mailbox

Grab everything they need in one go with this set of valentines and a festive mailbox for exchanging cards at school. The set includes 32 cards and a separate card for the teacher.