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6 picks to help you form better habits this year

These items will help you with the year ahead and beyond.

Sometimes it takes more than 21 days to form a habit, even though you might wish it took even less time than that. Forming habits that eventually turn into routine can help make it easier to accomplish goals you've set for yourself for the year ahead (or, at any time).

If you could use a bit of a helping hand with tackling your goals, consider your search over. Shop TODAY editorial director Adrianna Brach joined Sheinelle Jones's show Wellness TODAY on TODAY All Day to share six of the hottest products to help keep your wellness, nutrition and fitness goals on track right now. Whether you're setting out to make a lifestyle change or want to incorporate more mindful moments into your day, you might need these picks by your side.

From a color-coordinated habit tracker to smart fitness solutions, keep reading to see these innovative items.

Products to help track your goals

The Lamare Track Me: Habit Tracking Calendar

Sometimes, a visual aid to track your progress can give you even more motivation to achieve your goal. Whether you want to tackle your goal within the next six days, six weeks or six months, this journal is one way to hold yourself accountable as you work toward it. One tip for using this calendar? Color-code everything that you track — over time, you'll be amazed at all that you've accomplished!

Mindfulness Card Set

If you want to start practicing mindfulness, it helps to start in small ways. This deck includes 50 cards that cover categories such as rest and balance, insight and awareness, kindness and curiosity and joy. Each individual card features a unique message or an exercise that you can try to feel present, regardless of where you are or what kind of day you are having.

Daily Harvest

Plant-based meal delivery service Daily Harvest offers more than 100 menu items that you can choose from on a weekly basis. Whether you're craving flatbreads, smoothies, lattes, harvest bowls or even just tasty snacks to beat the 3 p.m. slump, the service makes it easy to opt for healthy choices throughout the day. Since everything is frozen and shipped at peak ripeness, making a hearty meal is as simple as tossing them it in the microwave or blender.

Amazon Halo View

This affordable tracker from Amazon goes way beyond counting calories and steps — it can give you some insight into your sleeping habits, blood oxygen levels and more. You can get up to seven days of use on a single charge, so you only have to charge it at least once a week in order to track your fitness goals. Along with the tracker, you also get a one-year subscription to Amazon's Halo service, so you can access on-demand fitness classes, daily meditations and healthy recipes, as well as gain insight as to how your healthy habits are connected.

Whatafit Resistance Bands Set

Your home gym doesn't need a bunch of fancy equipment in order for you to have an effective workout. This set of five exercise bands can help up the ante on your home workouts so you can train your arms, shoulders, legs, glutes and more — all for less than $25. The bands range from 10-50 pounds and a select few feature handles, a door anchor and an ankle strap to help you make the most of your surroundings.

Tangram SmartRope Rookie

Jumping rope has become a popular way to get a solid cardio workout in during the day. However, counting jumps, calories burned and the duration of your exercise can be a tedious feat. This jump rope tracks all of the important stats and connects to your phone via an app, so you can track your progress and unlock awards, interval training exercises and even connect with other SmartRope users, too.

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