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Looking for a pick-me-up? These 22 items can boost your mood

From polka-dot dresses to bath soaks

If there’s one we know thing for sure, it’s that we all deserve a little happiness each day. And we've got just the thing to help turn any frown upside down with fashion, home décor, and beauty products.

That's why entrepreneur Katie Sands stopped by the 3rd hour of TODAY to talk about the products she stands behind to boost her mood. From clothes she uses to "dopamine dress" to vitamin C sheet masks, these products are here to boost your mood.

Below, we’ve rounded up the essentials that’ll bring you joy — and style — every day.

Mood-boosting fashion products, according to an expert

Mango Polka-dot Satin-finish Dress

"Dopamine dressing," otherwise known as "mood enhancement dressing," inspired Sands' mood-boosting fashion product picks. The trend entails wearing bright-colored clothing to enhance one's mood. Part of Mango's Committed Collection that includes products that have been made using sustainable fibers or processes, this satin dress is bright and patterned for your happy days to come.

Mango Polka-dot Belt Jumpsuit

Part of the same sustainable collection, Mango's polka-dot jumpsuit elevates the sweat suits everyone has been wearing since 2020. Whether you wear this jumpsuit to a party or to work, you'll be extra happy because of the compliments you receive — and it has pockets!

The Drop Women's Ulla Ruched Convertible Clutch

Available in four fashionable colors, this ruched clutch is compact enough that it isn't clunky, but roomy enough that you can fit the essentials — your phone, some lipstick and your sunglasses. Sands loves the clutch because its simple silhouette allows you to pair it with casual daytime looks and elevated nighttime outfits.

Kule The Modern Take Out T-shirt

Sands' next pick is a 100 percent cotton t-shirt inspired by Chinese takeout. The soft, lightweight t-shirt will hit you at your waist, so you can pair it with those linen pants you love.

Kule The Women's Take Out Sock

To complete your happy outfit, Sands recommends throwing on these women's takeout-themed socks that are available in white and black. The socks are made from acrylic and nylon, which give the product a warm, durable and stretchy feel, according to the brand.

Bonobos Jersey Riviera Shirt

Sands' final mood-boosting fashion piece is a patterned shirt that looks like a button-down and feels like a t-shirt. The t-shirt is made from cotton jersey fabric and available in more than five funky patterns. "This is the most comfortable, great-fitting short-sleeve button down that I've ever owned! Bonobos has the best fitting clothes, something I already knew, but the fabric and details make this the perfect shirt to dress up or dress down," one reviewer wrote.

Mood-boosting home products, according to an expert

Nature Bright SunTouch Plus Light and Ion Therapy

Do you feel sun deprived from sitting at your desk all day long? Nature Bright's Light Therapy Lamp combines light and fresh air therapy to leave you feeling rested and refreshed when a long day at work didn't serve your mood. The products emits 17,000 Kelvins of UV-free light, which the brand certifies can uplift your mood. Sands says the light is so powerful that it will make you feel like you are on the beach or dancing in a waterfall. As an added benefit, The Columbia Department of Psychiatry recommended the product.

Celia Naomi Designs Resin Balloon

Celia Naomi is a Brooklyn-based artist who has had a passion for art since she was a young teenager. The vibrant and playful design style she is known for comes together in Sands' next pick: Celia Naomi's resin balloon wall decorations. The individual colored balloons feature a flat back that allow for easy decorating — and mood boosting.

Plus, get 10% off the above balloons through August 16 with the code TODAY10.

Mood-boosting beauty products, according to an expert

Oh K! Vitamin C Sheet Mask

Sands turns to a sheet mask when her skin needs a quick pick-me-up. This sheet mask is soaked in hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C, which, according to Sands, is the ideal treatment for skin that is lacking that desired glow. At only $5, this sheet mask is a steal for what it brings to the table: brightness, protection and cleanliness.

Osea Gigartina Therapy Bath Soak

For added dopamine during your nighttime cleanse, Sands recommends Credo's therapy bath soak. The product's main ingredient is seaweed, which provides hydration and nourishment, according to the brand. Fragranced with essential oils, the restorative soak smells of lavender, which is proven to calm the mind. To access the powder's benefits, simply soak a handful of the product in running water and swirl to release its nutrients.

More mood-boosting products

Color Drip Candlestick Set

Step aside, scented candles: there’s a new sheriff in town. Not only will this set add light and warmth to your space, but its layers of colored wax offer a unique pop of color that come to life as the candles burn. It’s the perfect distraction for those moments when you need a break and, in the end, you’ll have a pretty cool new art piece. Sounds like a win.

Standing Smiley Whisk

While you’re at home working on your baking skills, this whisk is a friendly face in your kitchen, literally. If its design didn’t already make you smile, get this: it can stand upright and eliminate some of the mess on your countertop.

Aromatic Shower Steamers

Why should bathtubs get to have all the fun? We can’t think of a good reason, but we can suggest these steamers. Each tablet acts like a bath bomb for the shower, filling it with soothing scents that make every scrub seem like a spa-like experience. There’s three in a set but one look at the scents—lavender sage, rosemary and lime and eucalyptus mint —and we have a feeling we’ll be needing a few packs.

Kopi Mug & Warmer Set

There are few things better than that first cup of coffee in the morning, but knowing that it’ll stay warm through a morning of calls, Zoom meetings and emails? Blissful. With a magnetic charging plate that heats up the bottom of the mug, you’ll always have a toasty drink at hand. Plus, the charging plate even doubles as a wireless phone charger.

Mindfulness Card Packs

No matter what your day looks like, it never hurts to begin with a calming moment. If you’re not sure where to start, give this deck a try. Each card includes an inspiring phrase on the front and a short mindfulness exercise on the back and are divided into four different categories: rest & balance, insight & awareness, curiosity & joy and kindness. Though it includes over 50 accessible and enlightening practices, there are even blank cards so you can write your own personal practice.

Dash Red Mini Pie Maker

Have you ever heard of a problem that pie didn’t solve? We haven’t either. Especially when the pie is mini and is made in a compact, non-stick appliance that’ll barely take up any counter space. Making it is as easy as apple pie…or blueberry…or pumpkin.

A “You Got This” Journal

No matter what goal you’re working towards, this journal will always be there rooting for you. Plus, there’s plenty of blank pages to celebrate your good days, let go of your bad days and document any other moments you want to take note of.

Mini Mini Bouquet

We're not all meant to be plant parents and that’s OK. With this dried flower bouquet, all you have to do is enjoy them—no water necessary. They’re even a mini size so they can sit pretty in small spaces.

Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock

If you want to quite literally brighten your day, look no further than this alarm clock. Light begins to gradually increase 30 minutes before your set wake up time. Eventually, you’ll feel more refreshed and become the morning person you thought only existed on TV.

USB Hubman

With WFH in full force, there’s a chance your desk situation has a jumble of wires keeping everything afloat. If not, we’re super impressed. But for those that know what we’re talking about, try connecting your set up to this USB hub that’ll be your new BFF for more reasons than one.

Double Rainbow Maker

You won’t need a rainy day for a bright ending with this rainbow maker. All you have to do is prop the device up on your window and let solar energy take it from there. The result will be a playful display of rainbow designs around the room.

Falling Flower Notecard Set

They say the art of handwritten notes is a disappearing art form, but one look at these vivid notecards and it’s clear the tradition is here to stay. With a lively design, you’ll get just as much joy writing these to your pen pal as you would receiving a letter of your own.

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