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Hoda Kotb shares new book 'This Just Speaks to Me' — and it's out now

If you're in need of uplifting quotes, this is the book for you!

Hoda Kotb is known to put a smile on her viewer's faces on a daily basis. From her impactful interviews on "Quoted by... with Hoda Kotb," to feel-good stories, Hoda is used to sharing uplifting messages.

Her last book, "I Really Needed This Today" is a New York Times bestseller and is filled with 365 inspirational quotes. Hoda's new book, "This Just Speaks to Me" is the follow up we all needed and it's out today! Hoda is sharing another round of daily quotes and stories, meant to inspire and uplift her readers.

"I think every time you go through a period in your life different quotes speak to you, and we had so many, especially with everything that's happened this past year," Hoda said when announcing the book back in June.

"This Just Speaks to Me," by Hoda Kotb

This time around, Hoda is also sharing personal stories about the special people and moments in her life as well as acts of kindness. This book comes at the perfect time, when readers need stories like this the most. TODAY co-anchors have even said the book is like having Hoda in your pocket.

"It's just like the Mr. Rogers thing, 'find the helpers,'" Hoda said. "This book is just helpers. That's it. It's everybody that helps, who lifts you up and I think hopefully this book will shine a spotlight on them."

The TODAY co-anchor is not only sharing inspirational quotes, but is also discussing everything from love, motherhood, friendship and loss. Written with Hoda's signature warmth and genuine passion, this book is sure to become a daily habit in these uncertain times.

If you're looking for something to bring a daily dose of happiness into your life, "This Just Speaks to Me" is out today.

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