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Starting at $8, these 17 kiddie pools will keep little ones entertained all summer long

This simple backyard addition will keep them busy for hours on end.
Little Baby sitting in a kiddie pool
Vivian Le/ TODAY

Built-in pools can be expensive and while many of us wish we had one to keep our kids preoccupied without ever leaving the backyard, there are plenty of other options to have fun when the weather warms up.

Consider a kiddie pool for the little ones to cool off on those hot days after a round of backyard games! They're cost-effective, easy to assemble and all you need is a little bit of outdoor space and a water hose. From trendy flamingo swimming pools to kiddie pools with slides, there's bound to be an option on our list that will work for your family!

Best swimming pools for kids, according to shoppers

Intex Inflatable Rainbow Arch Spray Pool

If you're looking for a colorful pool with built-in shade, consider the Intex rainbow arch pool. It has critters displayed on the base and built-in sprinklers to keep your little ones cool.

Intex Sunset Glow Baby Pool

For those of you who have toddlers, this baby pool by Intex is a great way for them to cool off during the hot months. It holds up to 22 gallons of water, has a soft inflatable floor and a colorful striped design.

Intex Crystal Blue Inflatable Pool

For a classic option, the Intex Crystal Blue Inflatable Pool is perfect for kids ages 2 and up. With almost 7, 700 verified five-star ratings on Amazon, it's 6.5 inches deep and while many reviewers enjoy this kiddie pool for its durability, it comes with repair patches in case there are any accidents.

Intex Rainbow Cloud Inflatable Pool

As adorable as it is affordable, this inflatable pool was designed for introducing younger infants to the water. Reviewers on Amazon gave it high ratings in terms of sturdiness and durability.

If it happens to get damaged in any way, a repair patch is included, so your little ones won't have to go one summer day without a dip in the pool!

Whale Sprinkler Inflatable Pool

Feeding your hose into this inflatable will activate the included sprinkler that shoots out water from the whale's tail up top. It's "easy to inflate," according to reviewers, so you won't have to stress about getting it set up and the little ones can dive right in.

Bestway Candyville Playtime Pool

The Bestway Candyville Playtime Pool is practical for hot days and has a cute classic peppermint candy design. It can hold up to seven gallons of water so your baby or older child can splash around and cool off.

XFlated Ice Cream Kiddie Pool

For a pretty pink option, go for this ice cream-themed kiddie pool. It's easy to set up and can be blown up in minutes with a pump or by mouth.

XFlated Inflatable Watermelon Kiddie Pool

This eye-catching watermelon-themed kiddie pool will look cute in your backyard — and it's versatile too! You can use it as a pool or even a ball pit or sandbox, so it's great to keep your child entertained with a variety of activities both indoors and out.

Inflatable Octopus Pool

A sprinkler on the head of the octopus helps to fill this kiddie pool with 24 gallons worth of water — perfect for toddlers and infants who are starting to get used to the water. Plus, the brand says it's made with puncture-proof materials, meaning it's durable and can withstand wear and tear.

Intex Sun Shade Pool

Protecting your children from the sun can be a challenge, but it's an important one. To make your life a bit easier, consider this sunshade pool. It features a detachable overhead sunshade that's helpful for protecting your little one from the harsh rays.

Intex Ice Cream Stand Playhouse and Pool

Take cooling off literally with this ice cream stand playhouse and pool combination. Children can play with the three ice cream inflatable toys provided, or lounge with real ice cream in the pool section.

Hiwena Flamingo Swimming Pool

Forget plastic flamingos perched in the yard! Instead, opt for one you can cool off in with this inflatable swimming pool. With a "soft, inflatable floor,'' children and parents need not worry when it comes to lounging for hours on end in this pink plaything.

Intex Square Frame Kiddie Pool

If you don't want to deal with blowing up an inflatable pool every time your kids want to take a swim, the Intex Square Frame Kiddle Pool is great. It's easy to set up, holds up to 89 gallons of water and the durable vinyl is made to resist any rips and tears, according to the brand.

Intex Candy Zone Inflatable Play Center

What child wouldn't love a candy-themed wonderland to play in all summer long? This fun inflatable pool is decorated to the nines with colorful lollipops, jellybeans and gummies. It includes built-in sprinklers to keep your kids cool while playing in the sun and six plastic balls to slide down the rails and into the pool.

Inflatable Slide and Rainbow Pool

Keep your kiddos occupied for hours on end with this inflatable pool that has ring toss, a water slide, ball roller and ball toss games included within. For those just looking to chill, a wading pool has plenty of room for friends.

Intex Inflatable Dinosaur Play Center

For the children who can't get enough of the cretaceous period, this inflatable pool comes with enough dinosaur fun for days. Included is an air pump that can be used on air mattresses, and other summer inflatables that need it.

Step2Play & Shade Pool

With an included umbrella for protection from the sun, this plastic pool also comes with funnel cups and a water wheel to keep kids entertained. This versatile pool doubles as a sandbox and can hold up to 12 gallons of water or sand at any given time, according to the brand.