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Sidewalk chalk is becoming a go-to creative outlet during quarantine

People are spreading messages of positivity with creative works of chalk art.
Mother and daughter draw inspirational chalk signs on sidewalk during pandemic
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While watching TV and scrolling through social media can be an easy way to pass the time while in quarantine, sometimes we all need a moment to take a break from our screens and find a creative outlet.

Kids especially need ways to let their creativity shine right now, and it looks like sidewalk chalk art is proving to be a timeless activity that's rising in popularity. NBC News reported that families have also been using chalk art as a way to spread messages of hope during the pandemic, and some are even using it as a way to reach out to the friends and family members they may not be able to see at this time.

Searches for "sidewalk chalk" have soared in the past month, and online retailer Zuliy told Shop TODAY that it has seen an increase in interest for sidewalk chalk kits. According to Zuliy's brand program manager and trend expert, Savannah Scofield, the increase in interest might be because it's a great way to get some much-needed fresh air.

"It's another way to spend some quality time with your family, putting those messages out on your sidewalk," Scofield said.

Crayola Glitter Sidewalk Chalk

Scofield told us she's even noticed chalk art popping up all over her neighborhood.

"I went on a walk with my son the other day and we were finding chalk art on all of the sidewalks," Scofield shared. "We saw hopscotch and flower designs and lovely words of affirmation for your neighbors as they're all walking around."

If you're looking for ways to join in on the sidewalk art trend, we've found a few bestselling kits that will ship right to your door.

Popular sidewalk chalk kits

1. Creatology Sidewalk Chalk Set

The sidewalk can be a canvas for endless pieces of art thanks to this kit that comes with 48 different sticks of chalk. It contains a variety of colors that are washable, and comes in a convenient storage case that makes clean up a breeze.

2. ChalkScapes Emoji Chalk Kit

With six pieces of jumbo chalk, 24 regular chalk sticks and two stencils, the possibilities for creativity are endless with this kit. Each stencil has several cool designs on it, and the included chalk holders make them a breeze to color in.

3. Crayola Washable Sidewalk Chalk

Crayola is a classic for a reason! These vibrant colors are perfect for brightening up the sidewalks in your neighborhood.

4. Toysmith Jumbo Sidewalk Chalk

This kit comes with 20 jumbo pieces of chalk that are easy to use and create with. With over 200 reviews, the kit holds a 4.3-star rating on Amazon. The washable chalk pieces come in their own bucket that features a convenient handle for drawing on-the-go.

5. Personalized Sidewalk Chalk Bucket

Make it personal with this custom bucket that's full of jumbo chalk sticks. Each bucket comes with 20 pieces of chalk in four different colors that are easy to hold thanks to their size.

6. Mason's Planets Handmade Sidewalk Chalk Set

These handmade chalks were crafted for outdoor use and even feature multiple layers of colors. Additionally, $2 from every purchase goes to the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia to support Autism research, according to the brand.

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