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I love this body wash — and not just because it smells like Northern California

It checks off all the boxes: cute, sustainable and doesn't strip my skin of moisture.
Hands being washed
Abigail Barr

We’ve all had to wash our hands a lot more over the past year, so I was on the hunt for a sustainable hand and body wash. When I was shopping around, I had a few criteria in mind. I wanted to feel clean but not stripped of moisture. I wanted a short and understandable ingredient list. And it wouldn’t hurt if the packaging was cute and sustainable, with a great scent. I found all of those qualities in Bathing Culture’s Mind and Body Wash, and I love using it by the sink and in my shower.

What is it like to use the Mind and Body Wash?

The Mind and Body Wash arrives in a sustainable and refillable glass bottle with a cute rainbow design. You can choose if you want it with a recyclable metal cap or a non-recyclable plastic pump. I chose the pump, for easier use.

When I first tried it out, I was enamored with its Cathedral Grove scent. It smells earthy and nature-like without being overpowering. The aroma was inspired by the Northern California Redwood canopies, and I definitely felt the tree vibes.

I found that it did as an effective job cleaning my body as it did my hands. Neither felt too stripped nor coated in grimy residue. Because it’s sulfate-free, it doesn’t create a ton of lather, but I don’t personally find that too distracting.

What are the benefits of the Mind and Body Wash?

I love how concentrated the soap is — just a pump or two can clean my hands and body with ease, which definitely adds value to the soap. I love that it’s certified organic, vegan, carbon-netural, and biodegradable. And I appreciate its short ingredient list that mostly contains plants like coconut oil and aloe vera.

A cherry on top is the brand's eco-friendly mission. The company plants one native plant or tree for every five gallons of soap made. I get hyped when I see a mission where my purchase can really make an impact. The company offers other cool bathing products, like bath salts, face mists and even a hand sanitizer that has the same Cathedral Grove scent.

What are the drawbacks of the Mind and Body Wash?

With prices beginning at $20, this is not the type of pricing you might be comfortable with if you’re used to shopping at a drugstore for body wash and hand soap. But the product more than makes up for it. If you want transparent ingredients in sustainable packaging that functions as a two-in-one, it’s worth the splurge. And Bathing Culture sells their products in gallon sizes as well, so you can save money by stocking up.

If you’re a big fan of soap lather and fruity scents, Bathing Culture may not be your bag either. There’s just the one scent, and no sulfates to create tons of froth. But if you’re okay with those trade-offs, you’ll have a relaxing hand washing and shower experience.

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