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This fake collar is my ultimate wardrobe hack — and it's only $10 on Amazon

It instantly takes any outfit to the next level.
Courtesy Emma Stessman

When it comes to my personal style, I tend to keep things pretty simple. Most of my wardrobe consists of easy-to-style basics in neutral colors, so I can mix and match items without ever having to put too much thought into my outfits.

One of my go-to everyday looks is a sweater, jeans and sneakers or boots. Though when I need to elevate that outfit, I'll often throw on a collared shirt underneath. I find that this simple addition can easily take the look from casual to chic. However, as someone who already runs pretty warm, wearing multiple layers can leave me feeling overheated and sweaty — especially during spring and summer. Plus, sometimes a collared shirt can appear bulky and unflattering beneath my top.

Thankfully, I discovered a clever solution that solves all of my layering woes: Kalkehay's Fake Collar. The affordable and unique fashion find has become one of my favorite ways to take any outfit to the next level.

Kalkehay Fake Collar

The Kalkehay Fake Collar is designed to give the appearance of wearing a button-down without the added hassle of actually wearing one. It features a standard collar, a buttoned bib that cuts off at your chest and elastic straps for your arms.

When I first put it on, I couldn't help but laugh. On its own, it looks like what I can only describe as a classy adult bib. But as soon as I threw a sweater on top of it, I was amazed — it looked just like I was wearing a collared shirt underneath, only without the added bulk and warmth that I'd normally expect.

It instantly elevates any outfit

One of my favorite things about the accessory is that it's an easy way to make any outfit feel more work-appropriate. After nearly two years of working almost exclusively in leggings and sweatshirts, I've found that my business casual wardrobe is sorely lacking. But when I throw this on under one of the sweaters or cardigans from my closet, it makes them look dressed up and office ready. I even feel like I can get away with wearing it under something as casual as a sweatshirt, as it adds a trendy and chic touch.

I'm shocked at how convincing it looks, too. I rocked it under a sweater during a video call, and when I revealed that I was wearing a faux collar, my coworkers couldn't believe it! And my friend had the same reaction during a recent dinner.

Depending on what top I pair it with, I can sometimes see the outline of the bottom of the bib through the material. To help prevent that, I've been tucking it into my bra. While that may sound uncomfortable, it's surprisingly not. In fact, it helps to keep the collar taut, which makes the whole outfit look even better.

The elastic straps help with that aspect, too. They go under your arms to help the collar stay straight and keep it from shifting as you move throughout the day.

It's easy to style

While I only recently discovered the unique accessory, TikTokers have been savvy to this genius fashion hack for a while now. The #fakecollar tag has more than 30 million views on the app, with many people suggesting different ways to style the versatile piece.

So far, I've worn it under crew-neck sweaters, sweatshirts and a higher V-neck pullover, and loved how it looked with all of them. It pairs well with almost anything — super low-cut tops being the only exception since they risk revealing the end of the bib, which cuts off at my chest. But as the weather gets warmer, I'm excited to try wearing it in some of the other ways that I've seen users suggest on the app, like under a dress, knit sweater vest or a blouse.

To add to its versatility, the collar comes in three different colors (white, black and pink) and two styles (a round or pointed collar). I got the round collar in black and white, but I've found myself wearing the latter more often because it feels like a brighter pick for the season.

Courtesy Emma Stessman

While both myself and plenty of reviewers love the chic and affordable Kalkehay Fake Collar (it currently has more than 3,000 five-star ratings), I found a few other styles and colors that you can shop on Amazon as well.

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