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This viral $6 cleaning paste helps me tackle the toughest stains in my home

Say hello to your new favorite cleaner.
Before and After Image of a rusty pot, after using Pink Stuff cleaner on it
Courtesy Emma Stessman

TikTok has quickly become the go-to spot for finding exciting and unique products. Some of the best purchases we've made in the last year, like the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel or Scrub Daddy Sponges, were a result of seeing a rave review on the app. And I've spent far more hours than I'd like to admit scrolling through videos and searching for things to add to my Amazon shopping list. So, when I first saw a video of someone using The Pink Stuff on my "For You" page, I knew I had to try it.

You've probably seen a few of the impressive before and after videos yourself, but if you haven't, I recommend taking a scroll through the tag "#thepinkstuff" (which currently has more than 660 million collective views). If you're anything like me, you'll be sucked in by the mesmerizing clips of people completely transforming their old, dirty sinks, ovens and stoves. And after using it, I can say that the results are just as satisfying in person.

Stardrops The Pink Stuff

The vegetable oil-based formula is made with ingredients like quartz, baking soda and soap, which give it the gritty quality that makes it so effective at tackling tough stains. It also has a light floral scent that, unlike other cleaners, doesn't smell too chemically or get overwhelming after a few minutes of scrubbing.

To clean, you scoop up a small dollop of the paste with a slightly damp cloth or sponge and apply a layer to the surface you want to clean. Some people say that they like to let it soak in for a few minutes before starting to scrub, but I didn't find that it made a big difference in the final results.

Emma Stessman shows a yellow sponge with The Pink Stuff used for cleaning tough stains
Courtesy Emma Stessman

It can clean just about anything

The Pink Stuff is currently the No. 1 bestselling all-purpose cleaner on Amazon and has more than 116,00 five-star ratings from people who have used it on car scratches, hard water stains and so much more.

I had originally purchased the paste with a specific task in mind. I was moving out of my apartment and doing some serious deep cleaning in hopes of getting my full security deposit back. There were a few large wall scuffs in my room that I had been trying to get out for nearly two years with no success. But when I applied a light layer of The Pink Stuff and scrubbed, they were gone within minutes.

I've never been a fan of cleaning. It's a task that I usually approach with as much enthusiasm as a trip to the DMV (read: none at all). But after my initial success with the wall scuffs, I couldn't wait to see what else it could do. So, I went on a cleaning spree, testing the paste on everything I could think of. I tried it on my oven, sink, tiling and even a pair of ratty old sneakers and was amazed by the results each time.

The true testament to its cleaning power, though, was seeing how well it cleaned my favorite nonstick pan, which had been looking pretty rough recently. Compared to everything else, it required more scrubbing on my part before I started to see results, but after about 15 minutes of washing, rinsing and repeating, I was able to take off most of the stains.

While the opportunities for use seem endless, there are a few situations where the product is probably not the best choice. Since it's an abrasive cleaner, it shouldn't be used on plastic or acrylic surfaces or highly polished stainless steel. And you want to be careful not to apply too much pressure if you're using it on glass or ceramics, as it may scratch the materials.

There's an entire line of The Pink Stuff products

Because The Pink Stuff is so popular, it can be hard to get your hands on — it's constantly selling out on Amazon. Thankfully, Stardrops, the United Kingdom-based brand behind the viral product has a whole line of cleaning solutions that you can try when the original is impossible to find.

There's The Miracle Multi-Purpose Cleaning Spray, which is great for anyone who prefers a liquid solution over paste and the Miracle Bathroom Foam Cleaner, for those who like the working action of a foam when dealing with tough messes.

Miracle Multi-Purpose Cleaning Spray (3 Pack)

Miracle Bathroom Foam Cleaner

Or, for the ultimate cleaning solution, you can grab this pack that includes the original paste, spray, foam cleaner and cream cleaner. While none are quite as well-rated as the original, the reviews seem promising.

It's no 'miracle,' but it's pretty close

The company describes it as "the miracle cleaning paste." Although it's incredibly effective, I'm hesitant to agree with the title, since you still have to put in a good amount of elbow grease and scrubbing to get results when dealing with tough stains.

That being said, it's the closest thing I've found so far to a "magic" cleaning solution and it's become my go-to when anything in my apartment needs a clean.