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This $12 all-purpose polish makes my sink look brand new

It has quickly become one of my favorite household essentials!
Megan Foster / TODAY

Prior to living on my own, I didn't realize how much work goes into keeping a kitchen clean. As it turns out, the dishes don't do themselves and countertops don't magically end up free of crumbs.

When I moved into my apartment, my roommates and I created a schedule to avoid running into any cleaning issues. Every other day, someone was assigned to wipe down the counters, sweep the floors and sort the dinnerware. It only took me a week to realize that other areas needed attention, too.

One of the places that required serious cleaning was our kitchen sink — it got grimy and caked with residue and water stains. A traditional multipurpose spray didn't help, which is why I went online to find another option.

Shadazzle Natural All Purpose Cleaner and Polish

I tried the Shadazzle Natural All Purpose Cleaner and Polish, and it does exactly what it says, which is clean and polish surfaces. What I didn't realize is that it would quickly become one of my favorite household essentials.

Unlike most all-purpose cleaners, this one comes in a tub instead of a spray bottle. It looks like a white paste and has a gritty texture that brushes away stains without dulling the surface. It's formulated with natural clay, vegetal oil and glycerin and lemon fragrance. (It's also available in lavender and eucalyptus.)

Inside the tub, you'll find a porous sponge that's used to rub the polish on whatever you're cleaning. Simply wet it before you begin and coat one side with the paste. Although the package instructions don't specify how it should be applied, I find that rubbing the sponge in small circles with a little bit of pressure works best.

When the entire surface is covered, a quick rinse with water will leave it looking spotless.

I coat one side of the sponge in the paste and use small, circular movements to eliminate stains and grime.
I coat one side of the sponge in the paste and use small, circular movements to eliminate stains and grime. Megan Foster / TODAY

This $12 polish keeps my kitchen looking immaculate, but if you're looking for other affordable cleaning solutions for your home, you can find similar options right on Amazon.

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One of the best parts about using Shadazzle is that you don't have to reapply it every day. According to the brand, the oil in the formula creates a protective layer that causes water droplets to slide off the surface instead of sticking to it. This cuts down on the number of days I clean my kitchen, which leaves me with more time to tend to other household chores.

I initially purchased the product to clean the stainless steel in my kitchen sink, but I've also found success using it on tarnished silverware and granite. Customers also say it works on everything from rubber shoes to pots and pans.

The one downside is that you have to leave the sponge out to dry before placing it back into its container. Thankfully, this only takes about 15 minutes and doesn't cause much of an issue.

When I think about my favorite household products, this definitely ranks in my top five. It's incredibly affordable, easy to use and leaves my kitchen smelling fresh and clean. I rave about it all the time — and for the sake of my kitchen, I hope that it will stick around for good.