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Exclusive: Jennifer Lopez is launching hair care products — and we want them all

The superstar shared everything from hair care secrets to her favorite drugstore beauty product with Shop TODAY.
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Hims & Hers ambassador, Jennifer Lopez, is launching two game-changing products with the brand.Amy Sussman / WireImage

When it comes to beauty tips and tricks, we want to know all the celebrity secrets. While plenty of Hollywood’s elite leave us curious about their routine, none keep us quite as interested as Jennifer Lopez. Even if you know nothing about her and her illustrious career, you’re probably aware of her ageless physique and undeniable glow — not to mention her signature, honey-highlighted hair.

While the secret behind her flawless skin and workout routine will always have our attention, we can’t help but be fixated on finding out the key to those glossy strands. Luckily, the superstar is lettings us in on her hair care routine by partnering with Hims & Hers to launch hair products, available now.

It turns out, a lot of hard work goes into keeping her hair healthy. Shop TODAY had a chance to chat with Lopez and she breaks down exactly which products have saved her hair, her youth-boosting beauty tip and the one drugstore product she carries everywhere.

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On hair damage and the products she’s launching

After years of styling and coloring her hair for endless shows and photoshoots, Lopez admits to having experienced some pretty extensive damage. “That's why I was excited to team up with [Hers], she explained. “It was actually such an organic thing to share some of my best-kept hair care secrets and to create these active, very transformative products that anyone can use.”

As a Hims & Hers ambassador, Lopez is launching two hair-saving products with the brand, which she tells us took over a year to develop.

Hers Detox Scalp Scrub

Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp, so Lopez had to have a detoxifying scalp scrub in the collection.

“The scrub is detoxifying and it targets the buildup of [styling] product, oil and dead skin on the scalp,” Lopez said. “It smells like a sunny day in a botanical garden, which is something idyllic that people may be craving right now.”

As a bonus, this scrub contains rosehip seed and red seaweed extract to hydrate and soothe the scalp while clearing away impurities at the same time.

Hers Rapid Repair Hair Mask

Consider this mask the pick-me-up your hair needs once (or twice!) every week.

“The hair mask is formulated with keratin to help repair damage on overworked hair,” Lopez said. “It’s ultra-hydrating and it works to smooth the rough strands.”

The mask contains coconut oil and shea butter, along with a whole slew of other nourishing ingredients to help rehab damaged hair and restore its shine.

“If I'm really working a lot and I feel like my hair is going through a lot, I do [this mask] twice a week,” added Lopez.

On her “disaster” hair experience during quarantine

The nationwide lockdowns had all of us DIY-ing our usual salon experiences — even JLo. “I was doing my own hair color for a while there, at the beginning of the quarantine, which was a disaster,” she said. “I would call the girl who usually does my color — and has done my color for years — Tracey Cunningham, and I would say, 'send me what you do and send me instructions!'"

While it took Lopez quite a few tries to do it right, she was able to mix dye formula and apply it herself — something many of us still struggle with.

The one drugstore product she’s used for years

Even with all the ultra-luxurious hair care products at her fingertips, there’s one drugstore product, that was launched over 50 years ago, that Lopez carries with her everywhere: L'oreal Elnett Hairspray.

1. L'oreal Elnett Hairspray

“An old product that I love is Elnett hairspray — I carry a small one in my bag and I have a big one at my house,” she said. “It's the quick fix.”

Her ultimate beauty tip to “keep you young”

Unfortunately, we’re all probably guilty of breaking Lopez’s number one beauty rule: getting enough shuteye. “My number one beauty tip is sleep,” Lopez told us. “You have to get your sleep in — it'll keep you young.”

Lopez even hinted that her highly-anticipated JLo beauty line, which is launching a little later this year, may incorporate some aspect of the importance of sleep — but we won’t know details until the official launch.

Her biggest hair regret

While not necessarily her own personal hair disaster, Lopez claimed that her biggest hair regret is having influenced her sister to undergo a perm when they were younger. “She had this beautiful, long, straight hair, that was a little bit wavy,” she explained. “And I was like, "you have to get a perm," because that curly ringlet hair was in at the time.”

According to Lopez, this perm ruined her sister’s hair for years, making her realize just how important good hair care actually is. Now, years later, Lopez is launching hair-boosting treatments for damaged hair. It's funny how life always comes full circle!

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