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By Sarah Bracy Penn

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When it's muggy out, blow-drying your hair straight might seem like a waste of time. Take one step outside and your locks can go from sleek and straight to a frizzy, curly mess in seconds.

When Chris Appleton, stylist to Kim Kardashian West and Jennifer Lopez, gave them both a straight, swishy bob that the internet has dubbed "glass hair," our first question was... can it stand the humidity? His answer: absolutely.

"Using the right product to get the right finish to the hair is essential. That razor-cut kind of bob only really looks its best when it's super-shiny and super-glossy," Appleton said. His go-to product is Color Wow Dream Coat, a "light as water" spray that he described as an "umbrella for the hair." (He's also the brand's artistic director).

Color Wow Dream Coat Supernatural Spray

Appleton explained that the product creates a wetness shield. Meaning, if you flick a few water droplets on Dream Coat-treated hair, your strands will literally deflect the moisture. He recommended completely covering your wet strands root to tip with the spray, then blow-drying with a large round brush for a super-sleek finish. But beware of lifting your hair at the root while drying, though, or you'll add too much volume.

But we had other questions as well, like the secret to creating the perfect ponytail to get your hair off your neck. But sometimes, nailing a quick pony requires more time in front of the mirror than curling or styling your hair. Ever been there? Appleton has a solution for that, too. Which makes sense, since he works with ponytail princess Ariana Grande.

The key is in the proper ponytail holder. Appleton is behind this particularly buzzworthy look that Jennifer Lopez has been known to rock, so he's an expert. And he swears by the affordable brand called Blax.

Blax Snag-Free Hair Elastics

"They're almost like rubber and they grip on the hair," Appleton said.

Once he's secured a tight ponytail either high atop the head or at the nape of the neck, he often attaches a clip-in hair extension to the ponytail for a fuller look, then wraps around a piece of the clip-in around the elastic to finish the style.

Try these hair extensions for an easy — and temporary — style switch.

14" Remy Human Hair Clip In Extensions

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