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Love your Instant Pot? The bestselling brand just released a surprising new product

It's the brand's first foray outside the kitchen space.
Illustration of two different people using the new Instant Pot Air Purifier
The brand behind Instant Pot just released a new home essential. TODAY Illustration / Courtesy Instant Brands

Instant Brands, the company behind the beloved Instant Pot that is likely sitting on your kitchen counter, just released another home essential: an air purifier. Inspired by the gap at the height of the pandemic for products concerning air quality, the brand felt it was time to expand outside the world of kitchen appliances in an unexpected way.

"We knew that a new normal was going to emerge where air quality would matter more than ever," Ben Gadbois, CEO and President of Instant Brands said in a release. "So, over the past year, our teams engineered a revolutionary innovation to improve air quality while still offering an affordable solution for homes, workspaces, dorm rooms or wherever our Instant families need us.”

The air purifier is available in two sizes; a small version that is suitable for spaces like a home office or a small bedroom, and a large version that is ideal for living rooms or bigger office spaces. A medium-sized version for kitchens or larger bedrooms is coming later this summer — though the brand hasn't revealed when.

In both sizes, you'll find a HEPA-13 filter that can help eliminate odor and an anti-microbial coating to reduce bacteria growth and prevent degradation. Not only that, but the device is Air Cleaner Certification Verified by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers, an organization that independently certifies air cleaning devices that will be distributed to consumers.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the air in our homes can often be more polluted than the air outside, which can be bad news for allergy sufferers during the spring and summer. Instant Brands' air purifier not only captures dust, dander, pollen and mold, but it can also filter bacteria and viruses. To meet post-pandemic concerns, the brand says that the purifier has been lab tested to remove "99.9% of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, from treated air.

As of now, you can only shop the air purifiers on Amazon (where it is already the seventh hottest new release in air purifiers) but it is expected to be available from other retailers soon.

Instant Brands air purifiers

Instant Air Purifier (Small)

Depending on the style of your home office or bedroom, you can shop the smaller version of the air purifier in Pearl (white) or Charcoal. It features the same HEPA-13 filter and a sensor that monitors the air quality in the room, so the device can determine how hard it needs to work to keep the air clean. It's meant for cleaning spaces up to 126 square feet, and it stands just under 11 inches tall.

Instant Air Purifier (Large)

The large version features the same filtration system, sensor and filter degradation as the smaller device. Though it is a bit larger than the small version, it still operates at "whisper-quiet" levels and can clean the air in your room five times over in just an hour. Like the smaller purifier, it also has night mode capabilities, which means it senses the level of brightness in the room and automatically dims both the display and fan noise to make sure you can sleep soundly.

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