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10 best hair accessories for spring 2021

From satin scrunchies to shimmery claw clips.
Illustration of a woman wearing a gold Kitsch Claw Clip and a woman wearing a headband
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Waking up with unruly bedhead makes you want to crawl back under the sheets and start again tomorrow. Rather than throw your hair up in a simple ponytail, adding a cute hair accessory can turn your bad hair day into a fab one.

We went straight to the source for this one and asked hair stylists what trends to look out for this spring, along with their recommendations. From printed scarves and headbands with a twist to super-sized scrunchies, this spring promises a mix of fun and easy hair accessories to upgrade your collection with.

To shop their picks for the season's latest hair trends, click on the links below:

Knotted headbands for spring

J.Crew Knot Headband in Print

Hair stylist and founder of, George Kyriakos, loves knotted headbands that feature bright colors, patterns and florals to add additional color and texture to your look. This one from J.Crew not only features a fun purple and white print, but its frame is made with a comfortable cotton acrylic material.

J.Crew Knot Headband in Satin

Kyriakos also recommends this style for pulling pesky hairs back. “These are great because they keep the hair off the face and make it easy to wear a mask,” Kyriakos told Shop TODAY.

Made with a silky smooth satin material, this knotted headband can easily be styled with looks both dressy and casual.

Anthropologie Allana Knotted Headband

Don’t feel like putting on makeup for that next Zoom meeting? Adding a headband is a quick option for dressing up your outfit — even if it’s just the upper half.

“They [also] work really well with ponytails and topknots for an added styling element,” Kyriakos told us.

Claw clips for spring

Urban Outfitters Claro Claw Clip

What at one point was a '90s craze has circled back to 2021. The claw clip, according to Madison Sullivan, a New York City-based hair stylist and L’Oreal professional artist, is a versatile accessory that can be used to modernize your daily hair style.

“Use the claw clip to secure a twisted bun, dress up a half down or half up-style or traditionally clipped in a parted low-back hairstyle!” Sullivan suggests.

Urban Outfitters Kate Large Claw Clip

For thicker or curly hair, regular-sized clips don’t always hold. A large claw clip, however, can grab more hair, so you can enjoy pulled-back hair all day. This one from Urban Outfitters also comes in four different prints to stock up on!

Kitsch Claw Clip

On days your hair is doing everything except what you want, achieve an effortless appearance with a quick twist of your hair. Kyriakos recommends a clip like this if you’re looking to add a subtle design to your hair. It will help quickly pull hair back, while adding a bit of shimmer to your locks.

Scrunchies for spring

Kitsch Velvet Scrunchies

While scrunchies have made a comeback recently, Kyriakos thinks that '80s-inspired scrunchies will especially be popular this season. He recommends stocking up on pastel-colored scrunchies this spring for a softer fashion statement.

Super Satin Scrunchie

“Scrunchies have made their way back for a few years now and are absolutely here to stay,” Sullivan said. “What’s different this season? They’re growing! The oversized scrunchy is growing in popularity, being used to dress up messy buns, ponytails and half-up hairstyles.”

This super-sized scrunchie is available in 20 neutral and vibrant colors including periwinkle, lavender, ivory and peach.

Hair scarves for spring

J.Crew Square Scarf

If you’re looking to add a fun pop of color to your outfit, this hair scarf offers a bright multicolored design that can be dressed up or down. Kyriakos also loves hair scarves because you can use it as a hairband or wrapped around a ponytail.

Madewell Bandana

There’s no question why bandanas seem to never go out of style — they’re budget-friendly, long-lasting, adaptable and come in endless prints and colors. Sullivan is especially a fan of them for their versatility.

“Tie it up as a traditional headband (in front or back), or wrapped over and around your head like a headscarf, or tie it up and tangled in your ponytail or messy bun — the bandana will add an edge to any look!” Sullivan said.

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